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Anti-AgingOur experts use personalized protocols to treat conditions on the face and body, according to client's specific needs. Specialized dermatologists, laser and Antiaging specialists, skillful therapists and nurses of Al Ghezlan clinic are here to fulfill all the needs and desires of your skin.
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DentistryAl LouLou Smile Enhancement Unit of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is designed to make our Clients feel comfortable and relaxed in a unique atmosphere synthesizing Beauty and Trust. The state-of-the-art cosmetic dental equipment, together with our team of highly qualified and talented cosmetic dental surgeons promises you a smile beyond your wildest imagination.
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bariatic surgery
Bariatric SurgeryOur bariatric weight loss surgery program is focused on addressing obesity with modern treatment strategies, research and education, because losing weight often is not as simple as it sounds. Our bariatric surgeons perform the safest and most effective weight loss surgery procedures.
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cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic SurgeryAl Khayal promises a unique experience from the time you consult with one of our professional surgeons to the time you leave. The surgical unit is uniquely designed to provide comfort, confidence and convenience to our clients. Our team of surgeons provides a wide range of aesthetic techniques from invasive to non-invasive procedures.
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The SPA"Al Shehana" is the Arabic word for female falcon, a well-known oriental bird in the Arabian Gulf region. The Al Shehana experiences very unique phenomena during her course of life, a rebirth cycle of transformation at her mid-life, in which it rejuvenates its feathers, beak and nails obtaining a youthful look.
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Visiting Doctors

Dr. Andrew Jenkinson, Consultant General/Laparoscopic & Obesity Surgeon will be operating at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital from:


February 18th to February 25th 2015

March 11th to March 14th 2015

March 25th to March 28th 2015


Dr. Alex Bader, Our Cosmetic Gynecologist and Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Surgeon will be visiting the hospital from :


February 3rd to February 5th 2015

March 3rd to March 5th 2015

March 31st to April 2nd 2015

May 5th to May 7th 2015

June 2nd to June 4th 2015


Dr. Firas Hamdan, our Lebanese Cosmetic Surgeon will be visiting the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital from:


February 8th to February 12th 2015

March 8th to March 12th 2015

April 19th to April 23rd 2015

May 10th to May 14th 2015

June 7th to June 11th 2015


Dr. Steven Hopping, US Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon will visit the hospital from


February 15th to February 19th 2015

March 15th to March 19th 2015


Dr. Edmon Khoury, US Facial Plastic Surgeon will be available for consultations at the hospital from:



May 25th to May 28th 2015.


Dr. Carmen Salvatore, GP, Aesthetic, Anti-aging Medicine Specialist will be available for consultations at the hospital from:


February 10th to February 12th 2015

March 10th to March 11th 2015

April 13th to April 15th 2015

April 30th to May 4th 2015

May 11th to May 13th 2015

June 15th to June 17th 2015


News & Events

2nd CME lecture

25th February 2015
1st CME lecture

28th January 2015