Holistic Life Coach

Holistic Life Coaching is an interactive, one on one process designed for any individual seeking positive change. It is a relationship founded on trust and confidentiality where the total focus is on you.

By helping people understand their present situation so well, Emma encourages and supports her clients in making the needed changes that resolve the real life challenges they face, and allows them to evolve with new thoughts and skills to not only achieve their goals, but to live a harmonious fulfilled life moment to moment.

Emma follows her client’s agenda, and will never let you lose sight of your goals, focus and vision, by holding you accountable at all times. She will challenge your way of thinking, which in turn creates deeper self-awareness, and will encourage you to actualize your dreams.
What can I expect from a Holistic Life Coaching Session?

We start with an overview of each area of the client`s life, giving it a honest rating of Zero to Ten. (Zero being the worst it gets and Ten being fabulous!)

We look at Health, wealth, family, friends, significant other, physical environment, self-development, fun and recreation and career in great detail and begin to get a very clear picture of how bumpy or smooth your life is, as well as where the main stressors are coming from, and the impact this has on your life. We then uncover look and learn about your value system and the impact that is having on your life as to whether you are honoring your values or not.

Next is a full questionnaire which enables the coach to have a deeper understanding of what makes the client tick and what their strong and weak points are, as well as their escapes.

We then integrate all the information and ask the client to have a close look inside and see what areas he/she would like to focus on first.

Taking responsibility of one`s own life is the initial step and the want to change and improve by forwarding the action and deepening the learning comes a close second.

We work closely together empowering the client to achieve their dreams as well as fully enjoying the journey of getting there.

For more information on Holistic Life Coaching kindly contact Emma Thomson on info@aacsh.com.

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