Use of Botox injections for weight loss method is effective in the long term

It deliberated media recently about a modern way to lose weight by injecting Botox stomach wall using binoculars mouth, note that this method has been tested for more than 10 years and did not sell well to the different results. False image of this process has been given for the effectiveness of weight loss in excess of 20 kg, and it is possible to take place for each degree of obesity and can replace conventional obesity operations a charge denied by the results of scientific research.

Dr. Fawaz dust, associate professor and consultant in surgery and vice president of Gulf Society for obesity surgery and head of department for the treatment of obesity in the American Academy hospital for cosmetic surgery to spread information through the media and social networking on the effectiveness of this treatment is wrong and exaggerated and not helpful sites patients who suffer from obesity.

Said Dr. Fawaz soil of the site I am a flower “We have reviewed the medical studies proper scientific results and the most recent comprehensive study by Dr. Pang from South Korea in 2015, where he collected all the research published on 115 patients only gave them 79 patient treatment Botox has conducted five randomized studies compared happened descent weight did not average more than 3.12 kg more than in the best studies and some of them did not come down a little weight and adopt the interest rate on the surface of the stomach and injected number of injections space. “

Added Dr. that patients must evaluate this method in the long term and not be used routinely on all patients with obesity and give the patient a clear idea of ​​how effective this method is, it will never be a substitute for surgery traditional obesity, especially for patients who exceed a body mass ratio have more than 35 kg / m 2.

 He also advised not to Dr. vulnerability of advertisements circulating on the Internet sites that talk about unrealistic results of these injections and avoid undergo such operations and consult specialists in nutrition and obesity treatment to resolve this problem that is sweeping our society.

Turn obesity to serious illness at increasing the proportion of body fat for more than 30% of the total weight of the body as a result of the accumulation of fat in it, and this accumulation results from an imbalance between energy intake from food and energy consumed in the body and are considered obese chronic diseases and complex, like diabetes and high blood pressure .

The obesity of the most important reasons for diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and varicose veins, as confirmed Mini modern that 19% of the population of the United Arab Emirates with diabetes because of the high number of people with obesity and lack of physical activity, and as I mentioned Statistics also said that 80% of people diabetes are obese


Obesity needs a long time for treatment and a medical team integrated and specializes in obesity surgery, cosmetic surgery and repair A_khasaian in nutrition to provide a comprehensive service to patients before and after surgery to get the best possible results.