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Bioplasty – Improve, Rejuvenate and Correct without cuts

What is Bioplasty?

Bioplasty is a revolutionary technology developed in Brazil that has recently witnessed a rapid success worldwide.

Bioplasty is defined as a non-surgical plastic procedure which is done with no cuts through insertion of biomaterials into deep anatomical layers employing a minimally aggressive process.

In a plain language, Bioplasty is an insertion of biomaterials which are compatible with the human body, and employed for adding more volume to some areas of the face or the body. These are non- toxic substances that cause no allergy or rejection. The procedure is performed without cuts or stitches, using microcanulae, a kind of needles but with a round tip that causes no lesion to the blood vessels or nerves.

Bioplasty is performed under local anaesthesia, in the own physician’s office, having the possibility of following the procedure step by step by means of a mirror. The result can be seen immediately without the need of countless sessions.

This technique can be applied to men and women in order to create lines and angles of beauty, enhance beauty, recuperate the youthful aspect of an aged face or improve the result of a former plastic surgery.

Bioplasty has several applications, which can be divided in 3 fields:

Bioplasty – beauty improvement

People can enhance their appearance using the improvem
ents of the beauty signs offered by Bioplasty. Bioplasty can treat the face and the body.

Bioplasty – rejuvenation

modifying the facial volumes, redefining the jaw line, correcting wrinkles and folds, recovering the volume of the hands, Bioplasty turns back the hands of time.

Bioplasty – corrective

the technique allows correcting aesthetic defects as the shape of the nose, the volume of the lips, the retracted chin, and the jaw line without surgery.

Bioplasty helps in recovering the volume our body loses in the process of aging, providing a very natural youthful look by enhancing the balance of volumes of the human figure, thus offering it equilibrium and beauty.

Before each Bioplasty procedure the physician must perform a careful individual analysis of each person’s physical appearance, integrally evaluating the whole of the facial or bodily features to be treated.

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