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Synetica Evolution

Internal micro lipo-cavitation

The evolution of cavitation

Synetica Evolution is the most advanced development of the cavitation concept, because it acts from within and targets the most restricted areas that, so far, are untreatable by the cavitation equipment on the market. Its enormous potential is concentrated in the "needle" hand-piece, which transmits the contouring action directly inside the tissue, aiming it at the most affected points.

Internal action

With minimum invasiveness, the cannula is inserted under the skin area to be treated. The direct solicitation of fat greatly enhances the effect of dissolution of fat masses, because the cavitaion action stimulates fatty tissue in a more immediate way., However, th3e effectiveness of Synetica Evolution is even greater, because the ultrasonic waves are generated on the entire length of the inserted cannula, not only at the tip.

Micro action

Synetica Evolution cannulas have a thin diameter of 2 to 3 mm and penetrate areas are normally the most difficult to reach. For this reason, it is the method used to counteract the fatty deposits in areas hitherto impossible to treat, such as chin, armpit, inner thigh and knee and ankle areas. Moreover, thanks to the precision of the cannula's action, it also possible to work in close proximity to the most delicate areas, without the risk of damaging them.

Internal action with micro lipo-cavitation and radiofrequency

The great modernity of Synetica Evolution lies in uniting the potential of internal micro lipo-cavitation and the firming effect on internal radio frequency. In this way, there is no risk replacing unsightly fat mass with the flaccidity of treated tissues, because action is taken on both fronts simultaneously.

Radio frequency waves are simultaneously emitted from the body cannula, compensating the dissolution and depletion of tissues through micro cavitation. Radio frequency is as also delivered along the entire length of the cannula and not only in the terminal part. In this way, the effect of skin rejuvenation induced by radio-frequency is continuous, wide spread and above all, parallel to cavitational action. Through the thin body of the cannula, radiofrequency reaches the smallest gaps treated, in such a way as to leave no sign of depletion due to cavitation action. As the cannula passes, firming action takes place to leave tissues firm immediately and not oblige the patient to resort to subsequent contouring treatments, in this way, the patient remains completely satisfied.

Synetica Evolution is ideal for liposculpture treatment of:

  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Inner and outer thighs
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