Bioplasty Treatment is a kind of cosmetic surgery performed to increase any body part’s volume or size. In this surgery, an implant is introduced beneath the muscles of the body part to be augmented. Such implants are made up of biomaterials and, therefore, non-toxic for humans. Many people undergo minimally invasive surgery to augment different body parts like arms, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. Several centers perform Bioplasty Treatment in Dubai. If you wish to undergo the same, you must check with some surgeons in Dubai who perform such bioplasty treatment.


Body development depends on a variety of factors. The baby grows with all the nutrients fed to it during its growing period. The growth can also be based on hormonal changes. Children also experience another growth period in their late teens. The adult body is the result of all these changes. Many people feel that some of their body parts might not be in proper shape at this stage. They consider these parts to be too thin for them and therefore prefer to get them augmented. Therefore, they choose bioplasty surgery. Although they have the option of choosing alternatives like massaging, such techniques are not 100% effective.

Moreover, the Bioplasty Treatment cost in Dubai is not very high. The bioplasty surgery cost depends on the body part that is to be treated. Therefore, you must know about types of treatment before choosing it.

What is Bioplasty Treatment?

Bioplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery to enhance different parts of the body. People undergo this procedure to make some body parts increase in size to complement other parts. It is also used to make intraosseous corrections. Some people prefer to have large parts, like breasts and buttocks, and choose this surgery, which is highly effective and poses minimal side effects. The technique is not at all painful. However, if some patients are sensitive to pain, they will perform the required anesthesia before the surgery. The surgery outcome will show enhanced body parts, and the effect will remain for the years to come.

Moreover, since biological grade materials are used in the process, it poses the minimum risk of side effects afterward. Bioplasty surgery cost depends on the body part and the material used. The reasons why people prefer this surgery are as under.

Possible Causes

People prefer bioplasty for various reasons. All these reasons are connected to the common them of body part augmentation. These people might feel that their body parts lack a definite shape that will complement other parts. They might feel that they need an upliftment of these parts. These smaller shaped parts can be due to hormonal changes, lack of proper nutrients in the growth period, or due to some diseases. People might also choose bioplasty in Dubai if they want a larger portion of their body parts.

Signs & Symptoms

Different symptoms a person can follow if they want to know whether they must undergo Bioplasty Treatment in Dubai. They can check in front of the mirror for any parts that look out of shape. They can also check individual parts and analyze whether they need any upliftment for any part. People might also consider non-invasive techniques like massage, which is not always successful. Other surgical methods also exist, but they can pose serious side effects. If any people think that the size is less, they can choose any of the types of this surgery.

How does the procedure work?

Bioplasty treatment follows a simple, minimally invasive technique. In this process, an implant is placed in body parts that are to be augmented. This procedure does not require any cut. Rather, the implant is introduced into the body through a laparoscopic opening and placed in the right region with robotics’ help. Biological grade materials are used to make this implant. Therefore, there are minimal chances of immunological reactions to the implant. These implants will provide an enhanced look to that body part for several years to come. Bioplasty surgery procedure is a 100% successful technique with minimal side effects. Therefore, people choose to pay the bioplasty cost in Dubai.

Who needs Bioplasty treatment?

Any person with a deflated body part can undergo bioplasty surgery. They can also choose such treatment if they want to make any part big. For example, many people love to enhance their breasts and buttocks. However, it is important to check whether they can take such treatment. To know about their eligibility, they must consult a plastic surgeon and disclose all the necessary information related to the surgery.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before you choose your bioplasty treatment, you must consult a plastic surgeon. These plastic surgeons have the best knowledge about the surgery and can provide you with ample guidance in this regard. You must disclose all your medical records to your surgeon. It will help if you also speak about any ill-habit that you had in the past. Based on these records, the surgeon will guide you in the right type of treatment path. They will also speak about the preparations that you need to make before the surgery.

Preparing Before Bioplasty Treatment

Before the surgery, you need to make some preparations. It will help if you control your dietary intake as prescribed by the surgeon. You will also need to have the proper lifestyle and get rid of any bad habit like smoking. You need to bring all your body parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar to a normal level. On the day of surgery, you must wear loose cotton clothes.

You Should Know

Before undergoing Bioplasty Treatment, you must know the following things.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The duration of the bioplasty surgery is minimal. However, it depends on the organ being operated on. The procedure involves anesthesia, laparoscopic insertion of the implant and its placement, and then closure of the laparoscopic hole. The entire procedure might be completed within a few hours.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time of the person after the surgery depends on the immunity of the person.
  • Anesthesia
    • Surgeons can determine between topical or global anesthesia of the body for this laparoscopic technique.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Since laparoscopic surgery is involved, the surgeon might ask the patient to stay in the hospital for a few days to identify the development of any side effects.

Expectations/ Results after Bioplasty treatment

After the bioplasty surgery, most patients experience an enhancement of the body part.

Risk Factors

Bioplasty surgery has risk factors that are common for most surgical techniques. The patient might develop an infection, allergies to anesthesia, nausea, etc.

Cost of Bioplasty Treatment

Bioplasty surgery cost depends on the body part being treated.