Dermoscopy is a diagnosis therapy to study and identify moles or lesions on our body. It is a non-invasive, painless procedure. Several people develop moles in various parts of the body due to a variety of reasons. These moles can be formed from birth. It can also result from some outgrowth, which can be cancerous. To identify the type of mole, a dermoscopy procedure is needed. Many people are choosing Dermoscopy in Dubai. The Dermoscopy cost is minimal, depending on the type and number of moles examined. Therefore, if you develop such moles on your body, you must get it examined by some professionals who know how to handle such machines.


Moles are a common sight on the skin of many people. These people develop such moles from birth. They can also develop as a result of some cancerous growth, which can spread if not treated at the right time. The mole can also result from non-cancerous reasons. To know such moles’ correct identity, you need to get it diagnosed by the Dermoscopy treatment. This is also known as Dermatoscopy. People undergo such treatments since the technique is non-invasive, cheap, and can be completed within an hour. However, for complicated reasons, it might also extend. For example, if too many moles have to be examined, it might take longer.

What is Dermoscopy?

Dermoscopy is a diagnostic procedure employed for mole examination. Dermatoscopy can examine the nature of the mole. In this technique, a gel is applied, and the mole is visualized by enhancing magnification. The nature and the source of the moles can be understood from such a diagnosis. The outcome of these results will help the surgeon determine the need to get the moles removed.

Moreover, mole removal is also considered to be cosmetic surgery. People often get their moles removed from their faces to enhance their look. Before removal, the moles are needed to be examined by Dermatoscopy. All these procedures are prevalent in Dubai, so you need not think about their availability. Rather it will help if you focus on the need for such techniques for your skin.

Possible Causes

Dermoscopy is mainly performed to locate the identity and characteristics of moles and skin lesions. It helps to diagnose cancerous lesions like basal cell carcinoma or melanoma. In general, it is difficult to differentiate between non-cancerous lesions from early-stage ones. However, Dermoscopy treatment can be used to identify the two correctly. The technique can also identify other lesions like hemangiomas, seborrheic keratosis, benign lentigines, and atypical moles.

If you undergo this treatment, you will distinguish a normal mole from a cancerous one. You can prevent the unnecessary removal of moles and rather treat the abnormal pigmented ones. Dermoscopy costs in Dubai may not be high. However, it is best not to tamper with the natural body aspects if not required.

Signs & Symptoms

Before you are thinking about undergoing Dermoscopy in Dubai, you need to check for its need. If you have any mole from birth, then most likely, they are benign or harmless. However, if you develop any new moles or skin lesions due to some accidents or reasons unknown, then the risks of developing skin cancer are high. If the number of moles is more on your body, then you need to examine each of them one by one. The surgeon will try to understand any correlation between the data obtained from such moles. There are different types of treatments available. Your surgeon will provide the best answer about the type most suitable for you.

How does the procedure work?

The Dermoscopy procedure is a painless procedure that can be completed in minimal time. However, the examination time might vary depending on the number and complexity of the skin lesions studied. At first, the surgeon will apply ultrasound gel or oil on the lesion. Then the Dermoscope will be pressed on your skin at the point where the gel is applied. The patients feel a little pressure from the machine since no air bubble must be present between the gel and the machine. The Dermoscope can be connected to a camera so that still photographs or videos can be recorded. The centers can also keep the older versions of the technique where the examiner manually takes data from these observations.

Who needs Dermoscopy?

Any person who has a mole on any part of the body requires this procedure. It is a simple technique that is mainly a diagnostic procedure for proper examination. Moles and lesions can occur due to a variety of reasons, as described above. The patient can bypass excision or removal of such moles and lesions if they are not harmful. However, the patient will know about the harm these skin problems bring only after being examined through different types of this treatment.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before choosing any treatment, it is wise to talk to a surgeon. Before choosing Dermoscopy, it will be better if the surgeon checks your lesions with their naked eye. They will be the best person to judge whether you need to be examined with a Dermoscope. They will also recommend ways to take care of the mole if it turns out to be cancerous.

Preparing Before treatment

Since Dermoscopy is a simple diagnostic procedure similar to a microscope, you might not need many preparations to do before the diagnosis. At most, you might need to prepare for the cost associated with it. Moreover, it is wise you wear cotton clothes that do not cover your moles. If you need to get your mole excised, be mentally and financially prepared for staying in the hospital.

You Should Know

Before getting examined with a Dermoscope, you must know the following.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The therapy duration is minimal, and it depends on the area, complexity, and the number of moles examined. The minimal time taken can be within minutes. With enhanced robotics associated with clicking pictures and videography, the duration of such examination is reduced.
  • Recovery Time
    • Dermoscopy is a non-invasive microscopic technique and does not involve any recovery time. However, if the mole or lesion is needed to be removed immediately, extra time of surgery and recovery might be required.
  • Anesthesia
    • No anesthesia is required before the Dermoscopy procedure.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Surgeons do not recommend patients to stay in the hospital for Dermoscopy treatments. However, if subsequent surgery is required, the patient has to stay for some days, depending on the surgery.

Expectations/ Results after Dermoscopy treatment

Dermoscopy is a diagnostic procedure. This procedure can understand the nature of skin lesions and moles.

Risk Factors

No risk factor is involved with this treatment.

Cost of Dermoscopy

Dermoscopy cost in Dubai depends on the type of treatment.