Electrocauterization is a type of surgical procedure that is routinely used. A doctor or surgeon applies electricity on the heated tissue for:

  • Preventing or eliminating bleeding after or during surgery or even after an injury
  • Removing abnormal growth of tissue
  • Preventing infection

The procedure of electrocauterization in Dubai is used for removing harmful or unwanted tissue from the body.


Electrocauterization is also known as electrocautery. It is a form of thermal cautery in which a direct or alternate current is passed a metal electrode wire. This helps in generating heat, which is further is used for eliminating harmful tissues from the body. The procedure is also used for burning and sealing the blood vessels. This is useful for stopping the flow of blood after an injury or during surgery.

What is Electrocauterization?

Using a small probe, the electrocauterization procedure is used for burning and destroying the tissue. This is done with the help of placing a grounding pad on the body just before the surgery. The grounding pad’s placement is usually chosen upon the thigh to protect the patient from the harmful effects of passing electricity.


A surgeon typically cuts a soft tissue to apply the technique during surgery. This is done to make ease of access over a particular site. Electrocauterization surgery allows the surgeon to seal the blood vessels; bleeding and cannot be stopped through medication. This process generally opts when forceful or immediate actions are required.

Possible Causes

Eletroauterization is done at low temperatures and can be used only over superficial tissue destructions. The possible causes include:

  1. Acrochordons or skin tags
  2. Seborrheic keratosis is a type of noncancerous growth of skin
  3. Molluscum is a type of viral infection caused by bumps formation on the skin
  4. Verrucae is a painful and contagious wart

Signs & Symptoms

The process of electrocauterization is required during the removal of the tumor. Electrocauterization in Dubai is commonly used to remove abnormal growth in sensitive areas, especially, which are difficult to reach. One common example includes a brain tumor.

The process is also used for nasal treatment. If a person experiences frequent nosebleeds, it means there may be any exposed blood vessel inside the nose. In such cases, electrocauterization is used to stop the bleeding.

How does the procedure work?

This procedure is applied for minor surgeries. As it is a specialized form of treatment, the doctor usually places a grounding pad on the thighs before thoroughly cleaning the skin (the site of surgery) and then coat or cover the area with a get to prevent burns. The process begins with general or local anesthesia (depending on the extent and types of surgery required).

Who needs Electrocauterization?

Eletcroauterization is required by patients who are experiencing blood clotting problems or have undergone specific surgery. Consulting your problems thoroughly with a professional surgeon who provides this surgery can help in the long run. If you want to treat warts or genital warts from the body, electrocauterization can be the best process.

Consult your Surgeon for Treatment Options

It is important to consult with your surgeon before undergoing the treatment. There are different types of electrocauterization surgery, and thus, it crucial to talk with the experts. Let your surgeon know about current and previous medications or supplements taken. If you are addicted to alcohol or smoking, let your surgeon know the same to prevent ill-effects in the long run.

Preparing before Surgery

No special requirement for preparation is needed. Electrocauterization surgery is done after testing for anemia. However, this is done only during excessive bleeding or in cases of clotting disorders. Doctors may prescribe eliminating the intake of blood-thinning medications before several days of the surgery.

You Should Know

Electrocauterization is an effective and safe method for the removal of skin lesions. It may use heat energy but works in the best way to treat the issues. The procedure is done with small handheld tools with a tiny electric current to generate the required heat. The procedure is used for removing skin tags, milia, brown spots, warts, and more.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The treatment of electrocauterization usually takes around twenty to thirty minutes. A professional caregiver will cover the area with the help of a bandage. The surgery duration may increase if the patient needs to remove a larger amount of tissues from the body.
  • Recovery Time
    • Electrocauterization surgery and its recovery time depend on the procedure type applied by the surgeon. In most cases, it takes around two to three weeks for a patient. The recovery time may extend if a larger tumor or tissue has been removed from the body.
  • Anesthesia
    • Electrocauterization surgery is a type that can be done even without anesthesia. It is a standard treatment, and thus, the time required depends on the process of surgery. Local anesthesia may be required if a patient has a complex situation.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • It’s quite natural that you don’t have to stay in hospital. However, post-treatment care is pivotal. As the treatment is completed within the maximum hours of the day, the patient can leave the clinic on the same day. Make sure to consult with a specialist that offers this procedure.

Expectations/ Results after electrocauterization

Make sure not to touch the area of the site that has undergone surgery. It may cause infection or bleeding. Take proper care of the wound to boost the healing process.

Risk Factors

The treatment procedure has very few complications, including experiencing pain, bleeding, and infection formation.

Cost of Electrocauterization

Electrocauterization cost in Dubai depends on the type of surgery implemented. Also, different clinics have different rate charts. In Dubai, the cost of electrocauterization is not too expensive.