An attractive face is believed to be more of a triangle or oval than a square, sometimes coined as an aging triangle. The cheeks form the base, and the chin is the pinnacle of the assumed triangle. But with age, the bone structure and connective tissues become weak, resulting in slack and flaccid muscles and skin. There are subtle changes in jawline and teeth structure, the triangle reverse. The flabby, disoriented jowl becomes base and the nose defines the apex of the triangle. Jawline Contouring in Dubai reduces the rear mass of the jaw, lessening the square contour to a streamlined, attractive silhouette.


As time flows, suppleness and firmness of the skin, connective tissues, fat deposit, and bone structure diminishes. Bones renew through the life span, but after thirty-five – forty years of age bone resorption starts. The destruction process surpasses the growing process. The skull is also subjected to bone resorption resulting in bony orbits and a wider lower jaw. Jawline Contouringascertains the equilibrium between that narrower upper-half along with the broader lower-half.

What is Jawline Contouring?

An over prominent or square jawline is aesthetically harrowing, irksome especially in women. A square jaw does not apt with delicate feminist character. The square jaw is often related to hypertrophy of the masseter muscle. This muscle is one of the four facilitating chewings. If the masseter is enlarged, neuromodulators can redress the issue. The muscle gets relaxed when this drug administered through injection; the effect lasts for three to four months. Jawline Contouring Surgery restores the feminine, youthful look by relaxing the masseter muscle.


For an impressive Jawline Contouring Procedure, one must select a board-certified experienced, skilled surgeon; proficient in facial contouring. The person who has moderate to mild jowls can undergo Jawline Contouring; others having excessive jowls need surgical intervention. Men and women have different facial features, so the expected result of Jawline Contouring Treatment is dissimilar.

Possible Causes

Bone resorption, hypertrophy of the masseter muscle is possible causes of jowls. Nasolabial folds intensify, as jawline changes with age. Almost everyone develops jowls with age; some are prominent, some not. As the production of collagen and elastin decreases with age, skin becomes slag, and less supple with age. Deepening on the severity of jowls, there are different types of Jawline Contouring.

Signs and Symptoms 

Any individual wishing for a more symmetrical face and increase definition of the jaw can opt for a high-class Jawline Contouring Treatment. Men prefer a sharper, chiseled look appreciating the masculinity, while women opt for a softer, delicately defined jawline enhancing the femininity.  

How does the procedure work?

Calcium hydroxylapitate (CaHA) is used in the Jawline Contouring Procedure to stimulate collagen. Activation of collagen is a prolonged process taking several weeks to months. To shorten the gestation period CaHA is mixed with gel carrier. The gel carrier provides immediate hydration, volume, while CaHA takes time to activate collagen production. The gel carrier gets absorbed in the body in due time, and the collagen replenishes the lost volume, resulting in a beautiful natural finish. As the drug is injected, with no scarring, no stitching, and incision, with minimal side effects.

Who needs Jawline Contouring?

Jawline Contouring Procedure is a non-invasive, aesthetic treatment to reduce the square formation of the jaw. The Jawline Contouring involves chin augmentation, jawline slimming, jowl reduction for a near-perfect jawline.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options 

Once you have resolutely decided on Jawline Contouring, the very next step would be to consult a board-certified, skilled plastic surgeon. During the appointment, discuss your aspiration, expectations about Jawline Contouring. The doctor usually checks the medical history and gives an estimation of the Cost of Jawline Contouring in Dubai.

Preparing before Surgery

Before the procedure, whether invasive or non-invasive, the surgeon advises quitting smoking, taking blood-thinning capsules such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs. Alcohol and herbal supplement should be halted before the treatment. It is also recommended to avoid foods like nuts, sea fish, fish oil rich in omega 3, and 6 before two weeks of the surgery.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • The Jawline Contouring is done on an outpatient basis in an office set up or cosmetic clinic. It takes around thirty minutes to finish the surgery procedure. The reliable process of injection evokes the least pain, and anesthesia not required. Arnica supplements before Jawline Contouring helps the healing process of injection bruises.
  • Recovery Time
    • After the treatment, typical side effects are isolated bleeding, swelling, and bruising. If anesthetizing cream is applied, the effect will remain for one to two hours. Following the post-operative instructions decrease downtime. No strenuous exercise or rubbing in the injected area is recommended for 48 hours after this Treatment.
  • Anesthesia
    • Non-surgical Jawline Contouring does not need any anesthesia. A numbing cream may be applied in the injected area for more comfort for the patient.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Jawline contouring (Non-surgical) is an excellent option as the process is usually non-invasive, carried out on an outpatient basis. The patient needs not to stay overnight in the hospital. This procedure must be done by a licensed health care provider, with ample experience in dermatology or plastic surgery.  Jawline Contouring Cost depends on several factors.

Expectations/ Results after Jawline Contouring 

The full effect of Jawline Contouring takes three days to be visible, so some patience is needed to reap the full benefits of the surgery. The jawline becomes more streamlined and consistent—the masseter size aid in creating a slimmer jawline. The face will be more symmetrical, youthful, and natural-looking.

Risk Factors

Some of the common side effects of this Procedure are bruising, swelling, and soreness. Cold compress, non-steroid pain killers alleviate these symptoms within thirty minutes to twenty-four hours. In rare cases, allergic reactions, necrosis (tissue death), infection, and raised bumps can occur.

Cost of Jawline Contouring 

Having an effective Jawline Contouring Procedure depends on selecting the right surgeon, who is an expert in facial contouring, board-certified, and experienced. The cost of Jawline Contouring Dubai depends on the surgeon`s fee and Types of Jawline Contouring. This non-invasive aesthetical treatment provides more definition of the jowl area, making it beautiful and younger.