The neck, one of the body parts exposed continuously to sunlight, often shows signs of aging sooner. The neck’s skin is thin; the dermis layer, which consists of collagen and elastin, is also slender. These two connective tissues, collagen, and elastin give structure and suppleness to the time, but with time both these connective protein tissues lose strength and yield. The skin around the jawline lose resolution and lithe, and gravity droop it slumps it. Genetics is another crucial factor for early jowls. Environmental aspects, smoking, overexposure to UV influence neck was sagging to a certain extent. Jowls formed by using computer and cell phones as “tech neck.” Nefertiti Lift – Neck Rejuvenation Treatment reverses the aging signs giving a well-defined jawline and smooth neck.


The term Nefertiti Lift derived from a famous Egyptian queen. Nefertiti not only a famous empress for administrative capability but also a swan-like elegant, sleek neck. Nefertiti Lift redress slackens muscles, sagging skin, skin laxity, and lost neck and jawline volume.

What is Nefertiti Lift – Neck Rejuvenation?

Nefertiti Lift is a cosmetic treatment administrating dermal fillers in jawline and platysma bands. When neck muscle loses potency, skin sags platysma bands appear in the neck region, considered one of the primary symbols of neck aging. The neckbands soothed through medication; it does not constrain the face muscles pulling it down.


There are types of Nefertiti Lift to eliminate pronounced neckbands and improve jawline definition. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin protein produced by certain bacteria injected by the technician on both sides of the neck. This procedure relaxes the neck muscles, enabling the proper functioning of facial muscles to elevate the cheeks.

Possible Causes

Smoking can cause premature aging in the skin, as nicotine and other chemicals damage elastin and collagen tissues. The blood vessels can become tapered, a result of smoking. This puts hindrance in proper blood circulation and supply of vitamin A and other nutrients in skin cells. UV rays also damage collagen and elastin. Nefertiti Lift in Dubai restores the youthful contour of the jawline and upper neck through injectable dermal fillers.

Signs and Symptoms

One of the primary signs of aging or excessive weight loss is the formation of neckbands. The platysma bands are located on both sides of the neck, attached to ligaments and bones, unlike other muscles. When one through clinch teeth scowls, these muscles become prominent. With age, these muscles lose strength, resulting in neckbands. Nefertiti-Neck Rejuvenation Surgery is a non-surgical, safe way to redress these issues, providing a smooth, sleek neck and jawline.

How does the procedure work?

The purpose of the Nefertiti Lift is to aim platysma muscles, which extend from the neck to the lower part of the face. The neurotoxin injected by the doctor relaxes these muscles, giving the skin a smoother, lifted appearance. Nefertiti-Neck Rejuvenation Treatment is ideal for people suffering from mild to moderate jowls and sagging neck. This is a non-invasive procedure with a success rate of 88.4%; patients witness noticeable improvement after the treatment.

Who needs Nefertiti Lift?

Individuals suffering from mild to moderate skin sagging in the jawline and neck region are suitable candidates for this treatment. The patient must not have any coexisting skin infection in the intended treatment part. The person must be above the age of eighteen; pregnant, lactating women are not suitable for Nefertiti Lift. A person allergic to dermal filers must abstain from the treatment. A pragmatic expectation from the aesthetic procedure is another essence for undergoing this procedure.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

During the appointment with the board-certified plastic surgeon, he will explain the Types of Nefertiti Lift to correct saggy and slack jowls and neck. Non-surgical producers involving laser, dermal fillers, Thermage, and chemical peel can be applied to correct the aging signs. The doctor will give an estimation of the Cost of Nefertiti Lift.

Preparing before Surgery

If the surgeon suggests some clinical test or medical evaluation, gets those done promptly, before the treatment. The surgeon advises you to quit smoking, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal supplements before fifteen days of the Nefertiti Lift treatment, as they increase the probability of bleeding.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • Unlike surgical neck/chin lift Nefertiti Lift is a non-invasive method not requiring any incision, sutures, general anesthesia, or prolonged downtime. The procedure completes within a few minutes, as the doctor inject the dermal filler in the muscle.
  • Recovery Time
    • Nefertiti Lift is non-surgical, with no downtime. The patient may resume daily chores within a few hours of the treatment. More than one sitting is required for optimal effect.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • This procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment, so the patient need not stay in the hospital overnight. The doctor decides a particular dermal filler according to the patient’s need.

Expectations/ Results after Nefertiti Lift

After a successful Nefertiti Lift procedure, the patient experience improved jawline definition, smooth neckbands. The effects last for four months or more. Neck Rejuvenation Treatment is a viable, economical alternative to expensive surgical treatments with prolonged recovery time.

Risk Factors

Some side effects may occur after Nefertiti-Neck Rejuvenation, similar to other cosmetic procedures involving neurotoxins. Bruising, swelling, difficulty in gulping, soreness in the neck, mild fever, and headaches are common side effects of Nefertiti Lift. Neurotoxins can cause permanent or temporary damage to the nervous system. Neurons are more prone to damage from neurotoxins due to their high metabolic rate. A Nefertiti-Neck Rejuvenation Surgery requires a board-certified doctor with proficient knowledge of neck anatomy.

Cost of Nefertiti Lift

The cost of Neck Rejuvenation deepens on the patient’s geographical location, expertise, the fee of the doctor, and many other factors. The Cost of this procedure depends on the units of dermal fillers used to treat the jowls and sagging neck. To fasten the healing process, follow the surgeon’s instructions, such as rubbing the injected area, applying makeup, and doing a rigorous workout for twenty-four hours after the treatment.