The full form of PRP is platelet-rich plasma. It is a cosmetic surgery that is applied to various parts of the body for different reasons. One such application of PRP treatment is for correcting hair loss. People undertaking the PRP treatment in Dubai have confirmed regrowth of hair after successful completion of it. Many centers perform PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai, and you do not have to feel a lack of options. You must rather consider your health complications and check which of the types of PRP treatment is best for you.

Moreover, PRP treatment is based on natural effects by using the patient’s plasma. It does not involve the application of any external chemicals. PRP treatment cost in Dubai varies depending on the type. Therefore, PRP is considered by many to treat hair loss.


Aging takes place in all humans. Along with aging, people suffer several age-related problems. Some age-related problems are wrinkles in the skin, age spots, etc. Along with these symptoms, aging also results in the loss of hair from the scalp. Hair loss can also be a genetic problem. To cope up with such a problem, there are several ways to regrow hair. You can choose the expensive ones like a hair transplant. But if you wish to have a simpler, cheaper technique that does not produce any harmful side effects, you must choose the PRP Hair Treatment. Different centers in Dubai perform this procedure. You must know some of the below details before choosing this.

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

As the name suggests, PRP surgery involves the use of plasma containing platelets for growing hair on the scalp. In this process, the patient’s plasma is used. The platelet count is concentrated in the plasma before it is applied to the scalp. Along with the blood platelets, the plasma also contains an increased concentration of different growth factors like PDGF or VEGF and TGF. It also contains several bioactive proteins which usually promote hair growth. It also increases blood supply to the hair follicles, thus promoting thickening of the hair shaft.

Although scientific justifications do not support such effects, PRP treatment has been reported as successful by many patients. PRP surgery has been previously used to treat tendon or ligament tear, removal of aging effects on facial skin, etc. The use of PRP surgery for continuous hair growth has been promoted since the 1980s, and now many centers have started providing PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai.

Possible Causes

Hair growth is a common problem faced by today’s society. People lose hair for many reasons. The reason can be genetic, where pattern baldness is often observed amongst people. They can also have hair fall due to some protein problems, with the problem getting developed over time. Many people lose hair due to environmental problems like bad quality or the presence of certain unwanted metals in bathing water, air pollution, or due to some accidents. If you are exposed to such adverse conditions, you might lose hair over a certain period. The loss might not be amplified at first, but you will certainly see some empty spaces on your scalp after some time. If you are facing such problems, you must undergo PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai.

Signs & Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms indicating a need for PRP treatment is hair loss. For some people, the loss can be quite noteworthy. These people often see a lot of hair on their bathroom floors after their bath. However, the hair fall can be gradual, without any eye-catching phenomenon. These people understand such effects when they develop some empty regions on their scalps. Therefore, if you think you need to spend the PRP surgery cost, check your hair and scalp in the mirror. If you develop any such empty spaces on your scalp, then you might need some PRP surgery. Other symptoms depicting the need for PRP therapy will include thinner hair volume, receding hairline, etc. if you face any such symptom, you can contact any of the PRP therapy centers in Dubai.

How does the procedure work?

The PRP technique is minimally invasive. It requires three sessions separated by four to six weeks. The first step involves drawing the blood, generally from the arm, with the help of a syringe. Around 20-30 ml of blood is drawn depending on the area of treatment. The blood is centrifuged, the concentrated plasma containing the platelets and growth factors are separated, and then applied on the scalp where hair needs to be regrown.

The subsequent maintenance treatments are conducted every 4-6 months.

Who needs PRP Hair Treatment?

People undergo the PRP procedure when they need to grow their hair. It is a cosmetic surgery that is often conducted due to its low risks. However, the risks can be exacerbated if the patient has other medical ailments. Therefore, the patients must disclose all their medical records to the plastic surgeon who will conduct the operation.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

The types of PRP treatment determine the cost. The plastic surgeons endowed with the responsibility to conduct the operation will decide the right kind of treatment for you. You must show all your medical records to the surgeon so that they can decide on the right treatment. Moreover, they will also recommend you the right kind of preparation you need to take before the surgery.

Preparing before Surgery

Before the surgery, the patients have to take a few preparations. They have to follow a few diet charts prepared by the surgeon. They might also be instructed to take care of some bad habits. You might also be asked to stop using some shampoos or hair oil that can trigger the hair loss problem.

You Should Know

Before opting for the PRP therapy in Dubai, you must know the following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • PRP therapy is a quick therapy and can be completed within an hour. The duration of therapy depends on the area of the treatment.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time depends on the immune reaction of the patient. In general, it is for six months. The recovery site is the injection site.
  • Anesthesia
    • Generally, anesthesia is not conducted for PRP treatment on scalps. If the patient is too sensitive to pain, local anesthesia might be added to the injection site. Most surgeons perform topical anesthesia for PRP therapy.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Surgeons might recommend patients stay in the hospital for one day to monitor the development of any side effects.

Expectations/ Results after PRP Hair Treatment

Patients undergoing all three sessions of PRP therapy have experienced substantial hair growth on their scalps.

Risk Factors

Risk factors are common to other surgeries and include allergic to anesthesia, infection, injury, infection at the injection site, etc.

Cost of PRP Hair Treatment

The PRP Hair Treatment cost in Dubai is not very high and depends on the treatment types.