Revage Laser Therapy is a low-level laser therapy to treat hair loss. Most people lose their hair due to several reasons. It can result in complete hair loss, or losses in patches, with underlying genetic or environmental reasons. Most people in Dubai consider hair loss as a cosmetic concern. Therefore, they prefer to undergo Revage laser therapy in Dubai. The Revage laser therapy cost can vary according to the area of the head being treated, and therefore, people prefer to get the sessions done. Knowing such treatment is important because the patients can prepare for it at the earliest. Let us know more about this therapy.


Hair loss is a serious concern for both males and females. Both of them suffer from genetic and environmental reasons. All hair loss therapies have not been proved effective for all patients. Rather, there have been reports of adverse side effects from different therapies. Laser treatment is often associated with effective therapies with several side effects. However, a low-level laser therapy like the Revage does not pose any such threat. Most surgeons and doctors recommend Revage laser therapy for thinning or shedding hair cases in Dubai. You do not have to ponder much about Revage laser therapy cost in Dubai; the price is not high and depends on the area of treatment.

What is Revage Laser Therapy?

Revage Laser therapy procedure is a painless, minimally invasive procedure for treating hair loss. Most people also use such treatment for thinning hair as well. It is also used for treating any wound or disease related to the scalp. Revage laser treatment provides effective and comfortable scalp massages. It has thirty laser diodes that can rotate 180 degrees, thus covering a large area. By doing so, they stimulate enhanced blood circulation in the scalp, which, in turn, promotes hair growth. The dormant hair follicles receive the blood supply to become active. As a result, hair growth occurs in thicker volumes. If you wish to undergo this treatment, it will provide you with various options. Talk to your surgeon before choosing the right center for this therapy.

Possible Causes

The major reason for people choosing Revage laser therapy in Dubai is hair loss. Both men and women suffer from hair loss due to various reasons- both genetic and environmental. Men suffer from pattern baldness, a common genetic disease. Women can suffer from genetic deficiencies leading to hormonal problems. Hair loss can also occur due to stress and anxiety. Specifically, most women experience hair loss during childbirth and pregnancy. Dietary intake can also play a role in such a condition. Environmental problems like the presence of specific harmful minerals in bathing or drinking water can cause hair loss. Some medications and treatments like chemotherapy and cancer drugs can lead to hair loss as well. To take care of such a condition, most surgeons recommend Revage laser therapy nowadays.

Signs & Symptoms

Any person suffering from hair loss can take the Revage laser therapy in Dubai. Many types of this therapy treats different patterns of baldness. If you consider taking such a treatment, you must first analyze yourself in the mirror. Check whether there are any barren patches on your scalp. If you notice the thinness of hair, it can also be considered as a prelude to baldness. It will help if you talk to your hair consultant regarding the condition of your hair. These consultants or surgeons can give you the best idea about the need and details of this thearpy.

How does the procedure work?

This procedure follows rotational phototherapy. It consists of thirty laser diodes covering the entire treated region on the scalp with 180-degree rotation ability. This technology allows better contact with the hair follicles. It is a painless procedure approved by the FDA, with a high success rate of 85%. People undertake such treatments in different sessions twice a week for six weeks. This is followed by once a week of treatment for the next 16 weeks. As hair growth starts to appear, you can opt for periodic treatments to continue enjoying its benefits.

Who needs Revage Laser Therapy?

People suffering from hair loss requires Revage laser treatment. Women are mostly benefitted from it. People suffering from pattern baldness, thinning of hair can also take such treatment. If you wish to pay for the Revage laser treatment cost, consult your surgeon for all the required preparations.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before opting for the Revage therapy, you must consult your plastic surgeon. Take all your medical notes to the surgeon so that they can decide the types of Revage laser therapy best suited for you. They will also help you in preparing for such treatment. Many shampoos, conditioners, enzyme cleaners, and other hair treatments are associated with this therapy. The surgeons will recommend such treatment according to your conditions for better results.

Preparing Before Surgery

This procedure requires little to no prior preparations. You must ensure that your hair scalp is not exposed to any harmful chemicals or conditions. The best solutions are the Revage shampoos and conditioners. Consult your surgeon before you start using them.

You Should Know

If you wish to undergo Revage laser therapy, then you must know the following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • Revage therapy takes place in different sessions. The first six weeks require sessions twice a week, followed by one session per week for the next 16 weeks. Each session takes around thirty minutes.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time depends on the immunity of the patient. The patient will be able to see the effects within two to four months of the first session.
  • Anesthesia
    • The Revage laser surgery is a painless procedure, with most surgeons preferring no anesthesia for it. However, if the patient is sensitive to pain, the surgeon can opt for some mild sedatives.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Since no side effects have still been observed from this treatment, most surgeons prefer to monitor the patient for a few hours after treatment before they are being released.

Expectations/ Results after Revage Laser Therapy

Patients experience dense hair growth after four months from the first session. However, the first instance of hair growth is observed as early as two to four months.

Risk Factors

No side effects of Revage therapy have been observed to date. That is why the FDA approves it.

Cost of Revage Laser Therapy

Revage laser therapy cost in Dubai varies according to the different types of it.