Fatigue or sleepless nights is not the sole reason for dark circle formation under the eye. Natural aging and allergies can cause patches under the eyes. Under-eye dark circles can be black, brown, blue, or purple depending on the skin complexion. It does not need medical attention but dampens the look and spirit of the person. Some alteration in lifestyle; a nutritious balanced diet can soften these patches. But dark circles due to hyperpigmentation, contraction of a blood vessel, thinning of skin needs some skin treatment like Rioblush CarboxyTherapy in Dubai. This FDA, CE certified procedure is a minimally invasive, safe method to revivify, tune, and restore skin.


With age, the fatty tissues embedded in the deepest layer of the skin diminish these under eye dark circles more pronounced, in elderly persons. Tear trough; a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek is another cause for dark circles. Aging and loss of facial volume cause this feature. Tear trough with a dark circle gives a tiered, worn out, older appearance. Rioblush CarboxyTherapy stimulates the natural growth of elastin, collagen, and proteins for a younger-looking, revitalized look.

What is Rioblush CarboxyTherapy?

Rioblush CarboxyTherapy also coined as CO2 therapy stimulates the natural generation of elastin, collagen, and nutrients to reduce under-eye dark circles, stretch marks, scars, and tighten jowls. If the patient is suffering from hair loss, that is also redress. Rioblush CarboxyTherapy activates neoangiogenesis (formation of new blood cells), which provides more nutrients, oxygen, and blood supply to skin cells to uphold hydration, luster, the texture of the skin. Optimal blood circulation and oxygen enables cells to regenerate and function aptly.


Individuals, with scars, stretch marks can opt for a Rioblush CarboxyTherapy, which is safe, clinically proven, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. As the healing process subjugate, the scar, the stretch mark remains. Rioblush CarboxyTherapy by inducing CO2 stimulates fibroblasts. These are primary connective tissue responsible for producing collagen and extracellular matrix.

Possible Causes

The skin structure under the eye is fragile and delicate as it is devoid of oil glands, making it more prone to dark circles. As there are no subcutaneous tissues in that area, the skin structure is weak. Aging and external factors reduce skin hydration and suppleness. With progressing age subcutaneous capillaries become latent, lowering oxygen and blood supply, reducing elastin and collagen production. Rioblush CarboxyTherapy enhances skin surface, shape, and firmness by stimulating elastin and collagen fabrication and increasing the flow of blood.

Signs and Symptoms

Any person with good health and reasonable expectations, suffering from scars, stretch marks, dark under-eye circles, puffy eyes, and thinning hair can opt for this treatment. It is a safe, minimally invasive, aesthetic cosmetic treatment with no downtime.

How does the procedure work?

With age, the subcutaneous capillaries contract, tapering blood flow and oxygen supply to the cells. As a result, new cell and collagen production slow down and cease over time. Every living cell releases carbon dioxide as a by-product carried to the lungs by red blood cells. The RBC brings back oxygen to the cells from the lungs. Natural carbon dioxide gently administered beneath the skin through microneedle in Rioblush CarboxyTherapy. The immunity system tries to nullify this effect by activating the vital process of employing increasing blood circulation. This oxygenation process kindles new cell and collagen production.

Who needs Rioblush CarboxyTherapy?

Rioblush CarboxyTherapy is a non-invasive, aesthetic treatment to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, scars, dark circles under the eye. 85% of women above twenty-one year suffer from cellulite; fatty tissues pops up through connective tissues, mostly in the thigh region. Cellulites are more common among women than men.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Book an appointment with a board-certified, skilled doctor who will explain the methods of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy in Dubai, types and potential side effects, and recovery time. You can expect an unprecedented result, as high-grade machines are used in Dubai. The surgeon will give an estimation of the Cost of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy in Dubai.

Preparing before Surgery

There is no specific preparation before Rioblush CarboxyTherapy Procedure, though the concerned physician may instruct according to the present skin and health condition of the patient.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • Fifteen minutes to one hour is the general time required for Rioblush CarboxyTherapy, depending on the area to be treated? For the treatment of dark eye circles, fifteen minutes or less is needed.
  • Recovery Time
    • Rioblush CarboxyTherapy Treatment is a relatively safe non-invasive cosmetic therapy. Two hours rest is recommended, after completion of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy. After fat reduction or cellulite, the patient should not submerge in water bodies; a swimming pool or bathtub for twenty-four hours.
  • Anesthesia
    • Rioblush CarboxyTherapy is almost painless, but some physicians apply numbing cream on the skin on the injectable spot. There can a gentle uneasiness coupled with a tingling sensation. These symptoms fade within a few minutes.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • The minimum invasive, painless Rioblush CarboxyTherapy performed by the surgeon on an outpatient basis. Through a very thin needle, medical grade carbon dioxide is administered; the patient can resume daily routine after a few hours of leisure.

Expectations/ Results after Rioblush CarboxyTherapy

When Rioblush CarboxyTherapy is used to eradicate stretch marks, scars, the process is painless, as spots have no nerve endings. A tingling sensation occurs due to the expansion of the injected gas. The result of the Rioblush – Carboxy Therapy Procedure is noticeable after the first sitting. The comprehensive result blossom after a month, as the body rejuvenates and creates new cells and collagen.

Risk Factors

Swelling and soreness are common side effects of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy, but these mild symptoms subside within a few minutes to hours. Pregnant women, people with acute anemia, skin infection are not suitable for this procedure.

Cost of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy

The Cost of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy depends on the severity, area of affected skin. The approximate Cost of Rioblush CarboxyTherapy in Dubai is worth it for improved skin, texture, tone, and suppleness.