Thermage – body lift is a non-invasive, non-surgical therapy to get rid of saggy skin. People prefer such thermage treatments to get rid of old-looking skin folds, especially in their arms, legs, and torso. The technique involves the application of heat to get rid of these skin folds. Thermage therapy has become very popular in Dubai. Thermage therapy cost is not very high, and it depends on the area of the body you wish to treat. These areas determine the types of thermage therapy. If you wish to undergo such treatments, ensure that you know all the details about the procedure.


Saggy skin is a common problem for many adult human beings. It is a symptom of aging. The skin might also develop several patches related to aging. Skin folds can also result from excess fat deposition. Many obese people suffer from saggy skin. Excess loss of fat from the body can also result in saggy skins. Thermage therapy is one of the best options that you have to eliminate saggy skins from the body. The technique can be applied to any part of the body (care must be taken on applying it on the face). The technique does not involve any cutting or syringes. Even the Thermage – body lift cost in Dubai is not very high. Therefore, if you wish to obtain a body lift, thermage therapy is the best option that you have.

What is Thermage – body lift?

Thermage therapy is a kind of body lift therapy performed to treat saggy skins. It applies heat to the treated part. The collagen protein in our skin maintains integrity. However, as we age, the collagen breaks down, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. The Thermage – body lift procedure uses radiofrequency to provide heat to the deeper collagen-rich layers. However, the machine’s tip keeps the skin cool so that the patient does not feel any discomfort. This heat removes the collagen’s water molecules, causing it to contract, resulting in skin tightening. Over time, collagen is deposited on the first layer as a secondary healing mechanism. Therefore, collagen distribution is also remodeled. This new layer of collagen further tightens the skin.

Possible Causes

Patients mainly consider Thermage treatment to get rid of signs of aging on their skin. These signs are wrinkles, skin folds, and age spots. Skin folds can also result from sudden weight loss, pregnancy, or illnesses like Ehlers-Dalnos syndrome, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, etc. People who have suffered from these conditions have saggy skins in different parts of their body as a lasting mark of the condition. They get it treated by several techniques, Thermage – body lift being one. Different types of thermage therapy are being practiced in Dubai. These types are differentiated based on the body parts being treated. Therefore, you will never feel a shortage of options to undergo thermage in Dubai.

Signs & Symptoms

If you are thinking of taking the courses of Thermage – body lift in Dubai, you must first search for its proper symptoms. You must first check yourself in the mirror and identify all those regions with excess skin folds. These folds are resultant of a variety of conditions mentioned above. If you are looking for a non-invasive procedure, this procedure is the best option for you.

How does the procedure work?

Thermage – body lift is a non-invasive technique that does not involve any needles or cuts. It uses radiofrequency to generate heat and remove water molecules from the collagen layer. The machine’s tip is the source of such frequency, although it is cold so that the patients do not feel any pain. The patients do not have to take repeated sessions of such frequencies; a single sitting is enough to bear the results. However, for enhanced results, the patients can opt for thermage therapy in Dubai once every six months.

Who needs Thermage – body lift?

Thermage treatment is a cosmetic treatment, and anybody can choose it. However, people with aging or skin folding problems prefer such treatment. Such problems can also arise after pregnancy or due to some illnesses described above. The thermage therapy cost depends on the type of treatment. Additionally, not all people are eligible for such treatment. Since it uses radiofrequency, people with stents or pacemakers implanted in their chest region might face issues.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before choosing such a treatment, it is wise to consult a surgeon. The patient must disclose all the medical records to the surgeon. They must also submit a list of allergies that they suffer from. Based on these medical records, the surgeons decide on the type of treatment. The surgeon also suggests any preparation that the patients need to take before the therapy.

Preparing Before therapy

Based on the surgeon’s recommendations, the patients must prepare for the therapy. They must follow a strict diet chart prepared by the surgeons. They must not take any food that they are allergic to. They must not expose their skin to excessive sunlight. They must bring all their body parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, LFT, KFT, etc., to the normal level. They must wear loose cotton cloth before coming for the surgery.

You Should Know

If you want to undertake the Thermage – body lift, you must know the following points related to it.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The duration of the therapy depends on the treated area. Generally, it takes around thirty to ninety minutes. Patients generally need one session of it to see the results. However, for enhanced effects, they can choose for repeated sessions every six months.
  • Recovery Time
    • Since the Thermage – body lift treatment technique is non-invasive, the recovery time after the therapy is minimal. The patient can resume work soon after the treatment is over.
  • Anesthesia
    • Most surgeons do not prefer to perform any anesthesia for the Thermage – body lift treatments. However, if the patients are too sensitive to pain, then they might apply some sedatives.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Surgeons do not prefer to keep the patients in the hospital after the treatment is over. However, if the patients develop any allergic reactions like redness, swelling, or numbness, they might be kept under observation for a few hours to days.

Expectations/ Results after Thermage – body lift

Most patients take one session of the treatment. They can see skin tightening after three weeks from treatment. However, they observe enhanced effects around two to four months after treatment.

Risk Factors

General risk factors like allergic reactions (swelling, numbing, redness, tingling) on the affected areas are the only risk factors associated with Thermage treatment.

Cost of Thermage – body lift

Thermage therapy Cost in Dubai depends on the area and type of treatment suggested.