Most people consider vaginal tightness is crucial for a steamy sexual encounter. Even most women think once the vagina loses tautness, it will remain forever; both these considerations are not valid. Vaginal tightness depends on the mental setup, movement of pelvic muscles during lovemaking. The ecstasy during sex wax and wane the vaginal passage; the arousal loosens the muscles, and apprehension, fretfulness contract muscles. The agility of vaginal tissue reduces with the passage of time and after childbirth. Pregnancy, childbirth, and lifting bulky material weakens the pelvic floor muscle, which dampens the sex life. Vaginal Tightening Treatment is a proven way to correct vaginal laxity, dryness, and other disorders.


The pelvic muscle supports the vagina, vaginal walls, rectum, and bladder. When these muscles become slack, it gives uneasiness, particularly in sex life, to the person. But happily, a modern medical procedure such as Vaginal Tightening can correct these feminine laxities.

What is Vaginal Tightening?

Estrogen deficiency adversely affects the vulva, vagina, and lower urinary tract. This hormonal deficiency creates multiple symptoms like; painful intercourse, lack of self-lubrication, irritation, stinging sensation, and urinary tract infection. Symptoms like a sudden urge; painful urination is expected in the underlying condition. The CO2 laser used in Vaginal Tightening Surgery tenderly and effortless penetrates through the vaginal walls. This subsequently makes indistinct microscopic lesions, surging the production of collagen. The newly stimulated collagen restructure and -equilibrium the vaginal mucosa and urogenital structures.

Vaginal uneasiness and urinary issues signs and symptoms can happen during pre-menopause and after pregnancy. These symptoms are acute and aggravate with time, jeopardizing sexual pleasure, making life more fulfilling and satisfying. Carbon dioxide (CO2) fractional laser employed in Vaginal Tightening makes precise small incisions in vaginal tissue to aid rejuvenating collagen connective tissues.


The average age of menopause is fifty-one, after which the woman witness drastic body, hormonal change. The ovaries cease to produce estrogens; female hormone and level decrease slowly, perpetually. One of the foremost signs of estrogen deficiency is a lack of lubrication during a sexual encounter. Thinning of skin in, twined with insufficient lubrication causes immense pain and discomfort to the woman during intercourse. With Vaginal Tightening Procedure, the vaginal mucosa starts flourishing, hydrated; the epithelium becomes thicker, more toned, and resilient, giving a more satisfying sex life.

Possible Causes

As estrogen production diminishes during menopause, the skin and connective tissues around the vulva get thinner. Around 1% of women experience premature menopause (when this happens before the age of forty). Younger women have to coup up with immense emotional and physical turmoil. Loss of lubrication makes sexual interaction difficult and painful and causes difficulty in seating, standing, workout, urination, and even work. This treatment restores the lubrication in the vagina to make everyday life more comfortable.

Signs and Symptoms

With vaginal dryness and thinning of the skin around the vagina, the situation becomes more acute. The appearance of the vagina and vulva changes; it becomes slimmer. The vaginal discharge becomes fluid, discolored, and intense. There can be irritation, a burning sensation during the release. Hormonal changes primarily cause these symptoms. Vaginal Tightening in Dubai is an effective and safe way to treat vaginal and urinary conditions to enhance the comprehensive quality of life.

How does the procedure work?

CO2 laser applied in Vaginal Tightening Surgery goes through the tissue layer to warm up vaginal tissues. The thermal energy kindles the growth of elastin and collagen proteins in the vagina. The new connective tissues strengthen, lubricate, and restore suppleness in the vaginal walls. This procedure also balances the pH vaginal mucosa, which significantly reduces the possibility of urinary infection.

Who needs Vaginal Tightening?

Women with vaginal laxity, lack of self-lubrication, stress urinary incontinence can opt for Vaginal Tightening. This process is painless, and the patient experiences a moderate sensation of heat on the external vagina. Women suffering from vaginal itching, dryness, atrophy, and relaxation can benefit from this treatment.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Have an open discussion with the board-certified surgeon regarding your current medical condition, drug allergy, present medication vitamins, herbal supplements, smoking, and drinking habits. The doctor will evaluate your current health status and provide an estimation of the Cost of Vaginal Tightening.

Preparing before Surgery

Through a disinfected lubricate tool called a speculum, the surgeon examines the vagina of the patient before Vaginal Tightening Surgery.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • The Surgery lasts from fifteen to thirty minutes; a regular follow up Pap test is prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Recovery Time
    • The physician advised not to indulge in a sexual encounter for the next four days after Vaginal Tightening Treatment. There could be water discharge for the next two to three weeks after the treatment. Douching with water and vinegar is not recommended after the treatment.
  • Anesthesia
    • A non-surgical, painless, office setup procedure where the surgeon administers no anesthesia.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • The surgery is done in a doctor`s clinic or office, or hospital as an outpatient procedure. The patient need not stay in the hospital after the surgery. The CO2 laser destroys the abnormal cervical tissues in the vagina.

Expectations/ Results after Vaginal Tightening

The session stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin, which continues for weeks. The patient witnessed significant improvement in vaginal tautness and mucosa after the first seating of Vaginal Tightening. Improved, rejuvenated tissues at the urethral opening enhance sexual satisfaction and reduce urinary incontinence problems.

Risk Factors

A non-surgical, minimum invasive process with minimum downtime and side effects. There can be temporary redness or swelling, which fade away in a few days. The optimal result appears after two / three sessions within a span of four to six weeks,

Cost of Vaginal Tightening

The Vaginal Tightening cost in Dubai may be on the higher side, but they employ quality high-end service twinned with modern techniques and tools.