Arm lift Dubai – This surgery is one of the most sought cosmetic surgery worldwide. People undergo arm lift surgery to get rid of sagging arms, which can be caused due to aging or genetic problems. People do not like saggy arms since it is a representation of too much fat in the body. The purpose of such arm lift surgery can be related to other complications.

The arm lift surgery cost in Dubai is not much, and it varies according to the types of arm lift surgery. Before you opt for such surgery, you need to consult your physician, who knows about your health condition and can advise you on your arm lift surgery sessions. They will also suggest the right type of arm lift surgery for you. You will also learn about how to prepare for such surgery from them.


As you age, you might feel that you have developed saggy skin and muscles underneath your hands. Such effects take place mostly nearly the underarm. To get them toned and make you look younger, you can opt for arm lift surgery. Such surgeries eliminate the extra fat and skin and level the area with the rest of the hand. There are several factors associated with such surgery. You need to learn about the surgery, the need to do so, and also the procedure. Let us look into some of these points.

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

Aging brings along a lot of problem along with it. The problems can be related to normal functioning as well as cosmetics. Arm lift surgery is one such surgery that is associated with aging. You must have seen several people who have saggy skin on their underarms. The surgery removes such extra layers of fat, smoothens, tightens the skin, and removes extra skin. Arm lift surgery is also known as Brachioplasty. The result of such Brachioplasty surgeries is well-toned and shaped skin and muscles. Although Brachioplasty will make you look young and healthy, you need to consider some important points before going for such surgeries.


Arm Lift surgery is required to remove extra layers of skin and fat from the upper arm’s underside. If you develop extra layers of both the parameters, you will observe these layers distinctly. It will not fit well with the rest of your hand. It will have a saggy appearance and will not look good. Many people prefer to get rid of it by Brachioplasty so that they have a well-toned appearance. It is important to know the cause of saggy underarms before you choose the arm lift surgery procedure.

Possible Causes

There are certain causes of saggy skin on the underside of your arm. The most common cause is age. As you age, your muscle and skin loosen up, giving it a saggy appearance. Also, with age, people tend to exercise less, and as a result, the muscles loosen up. Another reason for the development of saggy skin is genetic reasons. The parents might carry it in their genes, due to which excess fat deposition occurs in the body. Most of these fats are being deposited in the arm and the belly region. Excess deposition can lead to a saggy appearance.

Another important reason for saggy skins calling for arm lift treatment is obesity. Obesity can result from both genetic and behavioral reasons. The person might be taking too much junk food, food that contains an excess of fats and oil, etc. These excess fats are not metabolized in the body and get deposited in different parts. The deposition of such fat on the underside of the arm gives it a saggy appearance.

Signs & Symptoms

The very first sign of such a disease is excess swelling on the underside of the arms. Such effects take place due to excess fat deposition in those areas. The skin also grows, giving it a saggy appearance. You can also find stretch marks on the skin due to excess cell division in those areas.

How does the procedure work?

The arm lift surgery procedure is a simple one. Depending on your medical records, your doctor will make some incisions in different regions of your arm. Then they will apply some general or local anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel the pain. After peeling the skin, they tighten the tissues and levels them with the surrounding. The doctor can also perform liposuction to get rid of excess fat. After removing and leveling the fat layers, the doctor then again peels on the skin and stitches the sides. After completion of the procedure, you must take a rest. You can get yourself to the hospital for the night or ask someone to drive you home and monitor the outcome of such surgeries.

Who needs Arm Lift Surgery?

The arm lift surgery procedure is a cosmetic surgery and is mainly undertaken by people who provide importance to their look. It is a side effect of excess fat deposition due to genetic, aging, or behavior problems. Such effects can build up and constrain limb movement in the long run. Those people concerned with their looks or a healthy future will go for arm lift surgery in Dubai.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Along with arm lift surgery costs, you need to consider your health. You need to have a proper medical history and not suffer from harmful chronic disorders like high blood sugar levels. You must consult your plastic surgeon for the entire list of considerations and then take advice from your physician about Brachioplasty’s feasibility.

Preparing Before Surgery

If you have made up your mind to undertake the arm lift surgery, Dubai will give you a range of options to do so. However, you also need to prepare yourself for the surgery. If you are into smoking, you must stop it long before you take the surgery. Smoking prevents quick healing. You must have a complete record of your ongoing and past medication to present to the plastic surgeon. You might also need to undergo some physical examinations like X-Rays and ECG before the surgery.

You Should Know

Before you opt for arm lift surgery in Dubai, you need to know a few points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The surgery duration depends on the area that is needed to be treated and the prior health condition of the patient.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time depends on the immunity of the person. Some people recover faster than others. Bad habits like smoking or tobacco chewing slow down the healing process.
  • Anesthesia
    • Depending on the treatment area and the person’s ability to bear the pain, local anesthesia, or global anesthesia is performed before the surgery.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • After the surgery is done, the patient may develop several complications like unbearable pain, swelling, fluid accumulation. To monitor such ill-effects’ development, the patient must stay in the hospital after the surgery for few days.

Expectations/ Results after Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift treatment produces a desirable result that persists for a long time. However, you need to ensure that you maintain the strict diet plan prepared by your dietician to support such surgeries. You must not resort to a junk or fatty food to ensure that your toned hands last for long.

Risk Factors

There are not many risk factors associated with arm lift surgery. Some patients might develop swelling, pain, and fluid accumulation in the treated region. Occasional bleeding might also occur.  To monitor the effect of surgery, the patients are advised to stay in the hospital.

Cost of Arm Lift Surgery

The arm lift surgery cost in Dubai depends on several factors. The area to be treated, medical complications, and age of the patient are some of them.