Beautiful, firm, well proportionate breasts is a matter of pride to a woman. Though female breasts are the prominent structure, attracting a lot of attention from the same and opposite sex, the internal framework is a delicate one. Different types of fibrous, fatty, and glandular tissue constitute the breasts. Glandular tissue crafts the breast ducts and lobes, fibrous or connective tissues are more like ligament, and scar tissues. The fatty tissues form the breast’s size and fill the gap between the other two tissues. With time these tissues lose strength and the breast sags. Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai uplifts the breast by correction/reduction/ augmentation through a surgical procedure.

Sagging of the breast is a universal issue caused by age, weight/size variation during maternity, breastfeeding, or genetic reasons. A skilled, proficient cosmetic surgeon can restore the youthful, pristine, and aesthetic look of breasts through Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery transforms the sagging listless breast into a firmer, supple, aesthetically pleasing one. The surgeon removes the surfeit, expanded skin, rejuvenate tissues, reshape the breast contour, and elevate the areola and nipple. The whole process gives a youthful, vibrant breast curve. Enlarged and expanded areolas are reduced during Breast lift surgery to create comprehensive, natural, better proportionate breasts.


A qualified surgeon is the best judge, whether a woman needs a breast lift surgery or not. If one’s nipple pulls down due to listless tissues, the breast’s size is not satisfactory. To have a fuller, firmer, more extensive, or smaller bust, breast lift twinned with breast reduction or augmentation is necessary. If one has asymmetrical breasts, this surgery improves the shape and symmetry of the breasts.

Possible Causes

As the hair grows grey, the breast loses its firmness, suppleness. Due to sudden weight loss/gain, breastfeeding, pregnancy, genetic reasons, excessive size are critical factors for sagginess. Breast Lift Surgery Cost is on the higher side, but the amount of confidence it offers is prized.

Signs and Symptoms

The surgery corrects the plummeting nipples, stretched, extended areola, deformed shape, and asymmetrical breasts. The breast lift surgery gives the correct, appropriate volume to recreate the youthful silhouette and adds ample firmness and spring to breasts. A breast reduction or augmentation is recommended if the breast volume is too petite or large. Breast Lift Surgery Cost varies radically depending on the breast’s current state, the surgeon’s fee, and the clinic.

How does the procedure work?

The patient is put under general anesthesia, and the Breast Lift Cost in Dubai depends on the breast’s present and desired cup size. Breast Lift Surgery Procedure involves removing excess skin, remodel the bust. The site of the incision and resultant scar depend on the technique. The surgical technique is based on the volume, the contour of the breast, skin quality and suppleness, extend of sagging, and excess skin quantity to be eliminated.

In Breast Lift Surgery Procedure, first, the excess skin is removed, and then the nipple and areola are elevated to a forward position to give a youthful, firm look. The skin above the areola is trimmed and brought down underneath the breast to reshape it. The skin is tightening; sutures are made in deep tissues to support breasts for a longer period. The Breast Lift Cost in Dubai depends on the surgeon’s skill, a renowned surgeon will charge more, but the patient gets a satisfactory result.

Who needs Breast Lift?

Women of all ages can undergo Breast Lift Surgery. But if one is planning for childbearing, it is better to postpone the surgery. Breastfeeding immediately after the breast lift is not recommended.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

If you are planning for Breast Lift Surgery, choosing and discussing the issues is the first step. During the appointment, vent your apprehensions and pay close attention to his instructions. Look at the pictures of before and after surgery of previous patients to get a pragmatic outlook.

Preparing before Surgery

Before Breast Lift, the requisite clinical tests and medical evaluation is mandatory. If the patient is on current medication, the surgeon’s advice is recommended to continue or stop for the time being. A mammography pre and post-surgery is beneficial to detect any changes in breast tissue. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements should be avoided as it increases bleeding.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • Breast Lift typically lasts between one and a half hours to four hours as the patient is administered general anesthesia. Sometimes breast implants are provided to give fuller volume and spring to breasts.
  • Recovery Time
    • The average time of recovery from Breast Lift is a week but can vary from patient to patient. The patient must not go for a workout or lift bulky objects in the first six months to damage the tender breast tissues.
  • Anesthesia
    • Mild general intravenous sedative agents are administered to patients Breast Lift Treatment. General anesthesia is the deepest form of sedation; the patient falls asleep and does not feel any pain. Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) is a relatively new technique; the effect is more like twilight anesthesia but administered through a gas.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Breast Lift Treatment surgery is usually performed as an outpatient practice. But if one undergoes several procedures, subsequently, the patient needs to spend a night in the hospital. If you plan to go home after surgery, the patient needs to wait for an hour; before being discharged.

Expectations/ Results after Breast Lift Surgery

There is a noticeable improvement in the shape, volume of the breast immediately after surgery. One can expect a fuller, tighter breast envelope, atheistically pleasing with a youthful, supple, limber appearance. The cosmetic surgeons of Dubai are board-certified skilled doctors who enhance aesthetic appeal, proportion, and symmetry of breasts.

Risk Factors

Though the surgeons of Dubai are highly proficient and experienced, like other surgical procedures, breast lift carries inheriting risks and side effects. A patient may be allergic to drugs or anesthetic, which can cause some complications. The most common side effect is scarring; an incision will leave its mark on the body. The scar mark depends on the Types of Breast Lift techniques. Though enough precaution is taken, the smallest scars are unavoidable. The ruptured nerve endings need time to rejuvenate.

Cost of Breast Lift Surgery

The cost of breast lift surgery depends on the Types of Breast Lift techniques such as; Peri-Areloar, Vertical Breast Lift, Anchor breast lift. The cost depends on the surgeon’s fee, type of procedure used, and the type of accreditation of surgical facilities and location.