Some women inherit large breasts, which becomes a burden rather than an asset. An exceedingly considerable breast cause discomfort such as the neck, shoulder, back pain, and impact self-esteem. The wrong breast size draws unwanted attention, and she cannot wear a fashionable, sleek dress. Diet or workout have does not correct this issue. When the discomfort becomes nagging, then the woman seek treatment to change the breast size, Breast Reduction in Dubai can make breast apt, crafting an aesthetic contour, making it more proportional to the body. Correct, alluring breast size has an immensely positive impact on the persona.


Genetics inherited from father and mother can cause enlarged breasts. Hormonal change during adolescence, high level of estrogen, milk production during pregnancy can increase the size of the breast considerably. As breasts are constituted of fatty and glandular tissues, weight gain affects the breast size; particular anabolic steroids can stimulate unwanted growth of breasts. Whatever may be the reason Breast Reduction in Dubai can reduce, remodel, and lift breasts to make them more attractive, and beautiful.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

In Breast Reduction surgerythe surplus fat, skin, and tissues are extracted to create a petite, firm, supple breast. The nipple and areola are lifted to give a pristine, fabulous look. Sometimes liposuction is performed to remove the excess fat. As the incision is made to reduce the size of the breast, some scar remains in the area.


Breast Reduction surgery aims to reduce the size of the breast to give it a more natural, appealing outline. If a woman suffering from back, shoulder, breast pain, and cystic infection can opt for Breast Reduction Surgery. An enlarged breast can cause sleeping disorders and poor posture. If there is numbness, scar-like lines, pigmentation on the breast, the operation corrects these problems.

Possible Causes

The hormonal change mainly estrogen is responsible for enlarged breasts. Oral contraceptives containing estrogen can cause bigger, bulkier breasts. Bust size due to the genetic factor is unalterable without Breast Reduction Treatment. As breasts have a large amount of fatty tissue, it tends to grow with weight gain.

Signs and Symptoms

To make breast petite and firmer is not the only consideration opting for a Breast Reduction Surgery. Other crucial factors are disproportionate, asymmetrical breasts, weight affecting the posture of the person. The excess weight of the breast causes pain in the neck, shoulder, and the nipple, areola plunge downward. If grooves are formed in the shoulder by bra straps, sleep disorder then one must consider for Breast Reduction Procedure to correct these issues.

How does the procedure work?

Breast Reduction Surgery depends on the size and content of the breast. Lollipop and anchor technique are most used to remove excess fat and skin from the breast. In the first procedure, an incision is made around the perimeter of the areola directing to the breast furrow. In anchor Breast Reduction Procedure the incision is made on the rim of the areola sloping downward than to cleavage.

Who needs Breast Reduction Surgery? 

A woman with a large breast which affects her self-esteem causes aches in the upper part of body and posture but with good health is an apt candidate for Breast Reduction Treatment. A pregnant or breastfeeding mother in all circumstances should avoid Breast Reduction Surgery. 

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options 

Once one has firmly decided on Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai, the next step is to consult a plastic surgeon. Clarify your doubts about common complications; see pictures of pre and post-surgery.  Breast Reduction Cost in Dubai depends largely on which clinic the surgery undergoes. 

Preparing before Surgery 

The surgeon may advise for a mammography and chest x-ray before the Breast Reduction Treatment. The mammography should be done not more than six months before the surgery, and another after the surgery. Light exercise, a balanced diet, and quitting smoking before the Breast Reduction Surgery boosts the recovery process. 

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • Breast Reduction Surgery is done in an outpatient facility, or some patients might need to spend a few nights on the hospital. The operation lasts between two to five hours, occasionally longer, depending on the Types of Breast Reduction surgery. The surgery technique might involve a single procedure or assortment of few, depending on the shape, size of the breast, and amount of fat to be removed.
  • Recovery Time
    • A t least a week is required to recover after the Breast Reduction Procedure; oral medicines are administered to soothe the post-operative discomfort. Recovery time varies depending on the Types of Breast Reduction system. Light activities are allowed after ten days, and sports activities can be resumed after a month or according to the doctor`s advice.
  • Anesthesia
    • Breast Reduction Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The seductive makes the patient asleep, so she does not feel any pain. The anesthesiologist gives the required dose of sedative through vein or gas. Heartbeat, pulse, and blood pressure are closely monitored during the operation. Breast Reduction Cost in Dubai includes the fee of an Anesthesiologist.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • The patient needs to stay for a night in the hospital for proper care and post-operative treatment. Drainage tubes are attached to the breast, which is removed after a few days. Breast Reduction Cost includes the hospital, clinic fees which depend on the quality of the facility.

Expectations/ Results after Breast Reduction

Most patients get the desired breast and cup size after the Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai, as the operation is performed by skilled surgeons. The pain and discomfort subside after a few days; the patient notices the full benefit when the swelling and tautness settle after a few months.

Risk Factors

Every surgery comes with an element of risk and side effects. After Breast Reduction Treatment, the patient may witness a change in sensation in the breast and nipple, which could be temporary or last forever. There is anesthesia, drug allergy risk, poor wound healing, blood clots, and bleeding. 

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Cost includes surgeon, anesthesia fee, medical tests, post-surgery care, garments, surgical facility fee, and the prescribed medicine. Some health insurance company covers breast reduction surgery, but prior authorization is required for reimbursement.