Buccal fat removal surgery is a cosmetic surgery to get rid of excess fat from the cheeks. Many people suffer from excess fat in their cheeks, which gives them a roundish face. Although such a face looks chubby, many people prefer a more chiseled look. If you feel that your face has extra fat, you can choose some experienced centers that perform buccal fat removal in Dubai. However, you need to have a few considerations before choosing such surgeries. You need to know the details of it and check whether such surgeries can adversely affect your health. Let us look into some of these considerations.


Your genes, habits, and environment determine the distribution of fats and muscles in your body. The genes control your hormonal expression, which plays a major role in various aspects like puberty. Due to such radical transformations in your body, you might feel that some regions have excess fat while others do not. However, you do not need to bother since you have the option of redistributing the fat contents according to your needs. Buccal fat removal treatment is one such surgery that is quite prevalent in Dubai. People often choose such treatment to give a proper shape to their face. If you choose a Buccal Face Fat Reduction, you must first know what it is.

What is Buccal fat removal surgery?

Buccal fat removal surgery is the removal and readjustment of the fat from the face’s cheeks and associated parts. Many people are born with a round face, or they develop it after their puberty. A round face can also appear due to certain living conditions. People try to eliminate excess fat from their face by doing certain regular exercises like chewing gum; it has not always yielded results. Buccal fat removal treatment removes excess fat from the cheeks. It is a simple cosmetic surgery without any ill-effect. You can opt for such surgery anytime; however, it is recommended that you choose such surgery only if you direly need it.


Buccal fat removal in Dubai is a common aspect. The only consideration you need in taking such a decision is to check for signs that will tell you whether you need such surgery. Before you choose it, you must check yourself in your mirror. Some fat in your cheek is fine, but an excess of it will call for surgery. Check whether your cheek fats goes along with other facial aspects.

Additionally, people also choose buccal fat removal surgery for different professions. For example, a fashion model mainly chooses a chiseled appearance. If not, the requirement is otherwise. If your profession also calls for such an appearance, you can choose from different buccal fat removal surgery types.

Possible Causes

The reasons for having an excess of facial fat can be many. It can be genetic, where fat deposition is controlled by certain proteins that are not expressed in a normal scenario. It can also be due to the nutritional intake of excess fat. Lack of facial exercises can also be attributed to facial fat deposition, mostly in the cheeks. Hormonal imbalance can also lead to excess facial fat expression. Despite several causes, facial fat can be treated by following the right buccal fat removal surgery procedure.

Signs & Symptoms

If you want to choose the right surgery for buccal fat removal in Dubai, you must check for signs and symptoms. You might have a chubby face, but it might be in symmetry with other facial organs. Try to choose such surgery only when your facial muscles look out of shape. You can also choose buccal fat removal surgery when your profession asks for it.

How does the procedure work?

There are different types of buccal fat removal surgery. The type of surgery determines the procedure followed. The basic procedure would include making incisions at the right places on your cheek. If the surgeon plans to make you undergo only one surgery, then they will perform local anesthesia. If you have to undergo multiple surgeries, then the surgeon might choose general anesthesia. After incision, the surgeon will expose your buccal fat pad and remove any excess fat. They might also rearrange the fat layers to give a proper shape to your cheeks. After the surgery is done, the surgeons close the incisions. The surgeons might recommend you to stay at the hospital for a few days to monitor any reaction from your health point of view.

Who needs Buccal fat removal surgery?

People undergo a buccal fat pad removal for several reasons. Some of them include:

  • People who have a roundish, chubby face. They want to get rid of extra fat from their cheeks.
  • People are suffering from pseudogenization, resulting in the formation of fat mass in the cheek.
  • Those want to change their look.
  • People are seeking a chiseled appearance to get their cheeks into sync with other facial features.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before you choose cheek fat removal, you need to know that your surgeon knows the best. They know the best surgery that can support your health and can fit your pocket. Although buccal fat removal cost is not very high, the surgeon can help you with the right treatment at the right cost. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with the best buccal fat removal cost in Dubai. They will also guide you in understanding the right way to prepare for the surgery. You need to disclose all your medical records and the medications that you are taking or have taken. Disclosure of all the vital information will help them understand and make a better decision about your surgery.

Preparing before Surgery

Before you have undertaken surgery, you need to follow a few points. You must maintain good health habits so that all your body parameters are within the normal level. Some of these body parameters include body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, thyroxin levels, liver and kidney function, etc. If you have any bad habit like smoking, you should quit it long before you take the surgery. You must take healthy food before surgery. Although Buccal lipectomy cost in Dubai is not that high, you might need to prepare for it beforehand.

You Should Know

If you want to undergo buccal fat removal in Dubai, you must know the surgery’s following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • Although the procedure is simple and quick, the surgeon might take a long time depending on your health complication and requirements.
  • Recovery Time
    • If you have a good immune system, your recovery rate will be faster.
  • Anesthesia
    • Depending on the type and number of surgeries you need to undergo, the surgeon determines whether you need local or global anesthesia.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • After the surgery, the plastic surgeons prefer to keep the patients under observation. Therefore, they recommend the patients to stay in hospitals in Dubai.

Expectations/ Results after the buccal fat removal

The plastic surgeons in Dubai are experts at developing the look that you have yearned for. Your facial fats and muscles will be remodeled according to your desire.

Risk Factors

Buccal fat removal treatments have the same risk factors as other cosmetic surgery. The patient might experience nausea, excessive bleeding, infection, etc. To monitor such effects, the surgeons recommend the patients to be in the hospital.

Cost of Buccal fat removal

The buccal fat removal cost is affordable and depends on the type of surgery. It also depends on the health complications of the patient.