After twenty-five years of age, the age slowly starts aging, and the signs become apparent on the skin. The fine lines metamorphose to wrinkles, loss of volume and limberness become noticeable as the age progress. The skin ages naturally, and it’s irrevocable. But some factors stimulate premature aging, which can be restored by Facelift Surgery. A holistic approach to lifestyle and proper skincare keeps the skin youthful and glowing. Laughter lines (thin small wrinkles) are not a matter of laughter but the first signs of skin aging. Fat tightening injection can reduce specific fat pockets which may increase Facelift Cost. 


Facelift treatment is intended to remove surplus skin, make the skin taut, and pull the listlessness. This cosmetic surgical process diminishes sagginess, folds of the cheek skin, jawline, mouth, and nose. A surgical procedure like Facelift Procedure considerably alters the appearance of the person. This surgery pos a high psychological impact; self-evaluation is paramount before stepping into the operation theatre.

What is a facelift? 

Facelift tries to correct the sagginess and wrinkles on the face. The loose face suppleness and fat from the upper part and accumulate on the lower portion. A childish oval face turns into Obscure Square or pentagon. The slumping and excess skin are removed through different techniques depending on the severity of the sagging skin and the present condition of the patient`s skin.


Men and women suffering from moderate to severe effects of aging like slumping of cheeks, deep lines from nose to mouth; excess skin can opt for FaceliftIt must be remembered Facelift Procedure does not eradicate pigmentation, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles. If the patient has sound health, pragmatic expectation, and a positive attitude, and appears to be older due to a sagging face is the right candidate for Facelift in Dubai.

Possible Causes

Every human and living being age differently, depending on the genes and lifestyle. The fine lines become prominent wrinkles on the forehead. At first, there are noticeable with a change of facial expression, thus known dynamic wrinkles. Facelift Procedure confiscates deep groove and lines around mouth chin and nose. Refine the jawline; tackle various aging signs to restore the youthful look.

Signs and Symptoms 

Internal and external factors trigger skin aging. The skin changes in every layer, and the effect is witnessed on the surface. As hyaluronic acid content lowers resulting in sluggish sebum, making the skin rough and dry. From the twenty-fifth birthday, the collagen; the building block of the skin diminishes 1% annually. With age elasticity of skin dwindles and deeper wrinkles are formed. The water retention capacity of the skin reduces, making it prone to dryness. Facelift Treatment rejuvenates and redistributes the connective tissues and muscles to tighten the skin and minimize the sagging.

How does the procedure work?

In Facelift Surgeryan incision is made near the temple close to the hairline. The slit is made from the front of the ear dropping to in front of and cuddling the earlobe, further to the lower scalp behind the ears. Fat and excess skin are extracted or distributed to regain the youthful look. If the sagging is minimal, a mini facelift is done involving a shorter incision. In the modern version of Facelift Surgery, stem cells are injected derived from the patient`s cell.

Who needs a Facelift?

Men and women with a sagging jawline, cheeks, and loose skin are the perfect candidates for Face Lift Treatment. The patient gets the desired effect of having a well-shaped jawline and chin angle.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options 

After you decided on a Facelift Surgery in Dubai, the appointment with the cosmetic surgeon will eradicate your doubt, educate you about available Types of Face Lift, and put you at ease. Inform the doctor about you and your family medical history, ask about the benefits and side effects of the surgery, and take note of the estimated Facelift Cost in Dubai. 

Preparing before Surgery

Preparing for a Facelift is similar to that of other surgery. The doctor advises the patient for a specific medical and clinical test. Before the Facelift Procedure, the patient is asked to stop smoking, halt taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements. These products make the patient prone to bleeding and bruising. The surgeon may ask to stop applying certain products before the surgery.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • A Facelift Surgery last two to four hours might continue for longer if different Types of Facelift procedure are done simultaneously. After surgery, the patient may experience post-operative discomfort, which subsides with time.
  • Recovery Time
    • The swelling remains for at least two weeks after Facelift Treatment, so it is prudent to not engage in social interaction during this time. The healing of bruises and swelling varies from person to person as the immunity system responds.
  • Anesthesia
    • Usually, a Facelift is performed under general or intravenous sedation. Lower face and neck lifts are done under IV sedation, often coined as twilight or conscious sedation. Hemodynamic monitoring and control are mandatory during the Facelift Procedure.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Usually, the patient needs not to stay in the hospital after Facelift SurgeryDepending on the Types of Facelift, it is advised to have a nurse beside the patient for the first night, as the patient is given general anesthesia the dizziness remains for some time.

Expectations/ Results after Facelift 

After Facelift Surgery, the patient needs to have some pain reliever medicine. Once the swelling settles down the difference is noticeable. The normal sensation of the face comes back after several months. After two weeks, the patient can resume daily chores.

Risk Factors

The surgeons in Dubai are highly skilled and trained, in spite of some elements of side effects and complications are not ruled out. The risk of Facelift Surgery includes; bleeding, infectionhair loss at incision area, cardiac events, blood clots, prolonged swelling, and healing.

Cost of Facelift

Facelift Cost differs depending on various factors. The surgeon`s fee, his geographical location, expertise, skill, the extent of treatment influence the total cost of the surgery. The objective, requirements, and wants of every person is different, so the Facelift Treatment is different for everyone. No compromise should be made to recollect the dynamic, youthful look.