Fat grafting is the transfer of fat from one portion of the body to another. It is a kind of cosmetic surgery to ensure evenness in all parts of the body. Many people develop uneven fat in different portions. They prefer to undergo fat grafting to fill in the void regions. If you wish to opt for fat grafting/fat transfer surgery, you will have to do it in the proper place that carries out fat grafting or fat transfer in Dubai.


As you grow, your body undergoes several changes. The shape of your body is determined by your growth, nutritional uptake, and routine exercise. Moreover, it is also subjected to hormonal changes, determining the body’s muscle and fat distribution. After you hit puberty, you will observe that several changes take place in your body. You start to develop fat in unusual places, which ultimately leads to the development of secondary sexual characters. For example, women start developing breasts after hitting puberty. The unequal distribution of fat and muscles might occur during such changes, leading to an uneven appearance. To ensure the even distribution of fat, fat grafting/fat transfer surgery is recommended.

What is Fat Grafting/ Fat Transfer? 

Fat grafting/fat transfer surgery is a cosmetic surgery that takes up excess fat from one region of the body and transfers it to the regions that lack it. People belonging to the modeling business or who are concerned about their looks opt for such surgery. There can be associated risks of infection, nauseatic feeling due to improper anesthesia, and other side effects. The fat grafting surgery cost might be higher in these trusted places; however, the effect will be more desirable and safe. Therefore, the fat transfer cost in Dubai might vary based on cases. 


The need for fat transfer surgery depends on the need of the body and the patient’s desire. Fat grafting surgery is a complicated one, and you need to ensure that you actually need such a Fat Grafting/ Fat Transfer Treatment. After you have reached the adult stage and all hormonal changes that accompany puberty has taken place, you need to find whether there is any unevenness in the distribution of fat in your body. The unevenness can be minimal and not detectable by the naked eye. However, only if there are considerable differences in fat distribution, making some areas look bulging while other areas look sunken, then only choose fat grafting/fat transfer. 

Possible Causes

The major reason for fat transfer surgery is uneven fat distribution in different regions of the body. Such differences result from hormonal imbalances. The growth hormone might act more in specific places while lacking in other regions. Moreover, nutritional habits also determine fat deposition. Intake of junk or fat-rich food results in fat deposition mainly in the belly region and the hands. In addition to nutritional intake, exercise also determines fat distribution. If you exercise regularly, you will be in lesser need to undergo fat grafting/ fat transfer treatment.

Signs & Symptoms

The signs of uneven fat can be understood as you look at yourself in the mirror. You will find an uneven bulge in different regions of the body. You might also feel that some regions are recessed or flat. It might also be that you want to enlarge different parts of your body while getting rid of excess fat from other parts.  Once you get hold of a plastic surgeon, explain your body details and your needs so that they can do the surgery as per your wishes.

How does the procedure work?

The fat grafting procedure is quite simple on paper. It is a simple technique of transferring fat from one body part to another. However, the complication arises with the types of fat grafting/ fat transfer. The part from which the fat is removed and the part to which the fat is transferred is first cleaned and disinfected. The patient has to be locally or fully anesthetized. An incision is being made in one body part, and the fat is carefully taken out. Liposuction can also be carried out. This fat is then transferred to the other body part. Since the fat is taken from the same person, the chances of unwanted immune reactions are less.

Who needs Fat Grafting/ Fat Transfer Surgery?

People choose fat grafting surgery for cosmetic purposes. They want to even out the fat content of different body parts to look better and symmetrical. Some people also choose such surgeries to enhance certain body parts. For example, a girl loves to have a larger breast. Also, people prefer to remove excess fat from body parts that can be a problem later on, for example, fat deposition near the heart. 

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Although fat grafting surgery might not be necessary for everyone, the risks associated with it are as important as any other surgery. Before opting for such surgeries, you must present your entire medical record, past diseases, and medications that you are taking or have taken in the past to the surgeon. You must follow all the instructions that the surgeon will recommend you for the treatment.

Preparing Before Surgery

Before the surgery, try to get your body parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar to a normal level. Ensure that you do not suffer from any disease at the time of surgery. Have healthy food and a lot of water. If you have bad habits like smoking, stop it long before the surgery. Smoking delays the healing time after any surgery.

You Should Know

You must know the following things related to fat grafting surgery.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The surgery duration depends on the type of surgery, the body parts involved, and your health complications.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time after fat grafting surgery depends on your immune system. A strong immune system will fasten the healing process. However, if you smoke, then the healing process gets delayed.
  • Anesthesia
    • Depending on the patient’s resistance power and neurological condition, the plastic surgeons decide whether to opt for global or local anesthesia.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • The surgeon must monitor the patient’s health to develop an infection, bleeding, and nauseating post-surgery. Therefore, patients are advised to stay in the hospital after the completion of the surgery.

Expectations/ Results after Fat Grafting/ Fat Transfer

Since fat grafting is cosmetic surgery, the patients generally get the desired result from such surgery. The body fat distribution looks even, and certain parts can be enhanced as per the patient’s wishes. However, there are certain risk factors associated with fat grafting as well.

Risk Factors

Like any other surgery, fat grafting has certain risks. The patient might develop an immune reaction to the incision and other related processes. There can be excessive bleeding. The patient can also experience nausea or headaches due to anesthesia. Therefore, patients are advised to stay in the hospital to monitor all such changes.

Cost of Fat Grafting/ Fat Transfer

The fat transfer cost in Dubai is not very high. It depends on the type of surgery that you choose.