Liposuction surgery – Several factors influence the market for Liposuction. Today, society is encouraged to tune their precious looks, whether it’s a man or woman. Technological advancements in Liposuction surgery have made it possible to achieve the desired aesthetic results at affordable costs and minimized health risks.


Liposuction is certainly a life-changing procedure that can remove even the most stubborn fat from the body. It helps to achieve a slimmer look and makes you more confident. After the recovery process, the patient will be able to experience the bliss of new body contouring. The best part is that the fat cells removed during the liposuction process will never return.


What is Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction Surgery is a process through which one can reduce excess body fat. The notable part is, the surgery is the easiest and quickest method of gaining a new body contour. Simply put, it is the best and unique way of converting and breaking body fat into liquid form. This liquid form is then drained out of the body through the help of suction tubes.


Initially, to diagnose the treatment process through Liposuction, it is recommended to consult with a specialized plastic surgeon. It is important to discuss your objective before the surgery and clarify your doubts. During the initial stage of discussion, diet restrictions, care instructions, and certain preparations are shared with the patient.

Possible Causes

Liposuction Surgery in Dubai is opted for removing excess fat from the body, especially, which haven’t responded to exercise or diet restrictions. These areas include:

  1. Upper arms
  2. Abdomens
  3. Chest and back
  4. Buttocks
  5. Chin and Neck
  6. Calves and ankles
  7. Hips and thighs

Liposuction Surgery has also opted for breast reduction and gynecomastia.

Signs and Symptoms

Liposuction is usually advised when a person fails to reduce excess fat even after several lifestyle changes. If you experience massive weight gain and obesity continues to annoy your normal living style, consider opting for liposuction treatments. Liposuction Surgery can reduce the size and volume of fat cells along with the counts.

How does the procedure work?

A liposuction procedure’s primary objective is not to remove dimples, cellulite, or stretch marks; rather, it is aimed for esthetic purposes. Liposuction can permanently remove excess fat cells and thereby alter the shape of the body. The fat cells are converted into liquid form, and then the same is extracted out through the help of a microcannula.

There are different types of surgery performed for Liposuction. If it’s an Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction, then the surgeon will insert a type of metal rod that is known for emitting ultrasonic energy under the skin of the area. In the cease of lasing assisted Liposuction, the surgeon will insert a laser fiber to emulsify the fat deposit. In another process called power-assisted Liposuction, the surgeon takes the help of a cannula. It creates vibration through which tough fat comes out easily.

Who needs Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction surgery is appropriate for people experiencing an accumulation of stubborn fat in certain part/s of the body. Most candidates are adults and need to be non-smokers and, of course, in good health. Non-pregnant women can also opt for this exceptional body contouring treatment. People experiencing heart problems, diabetes, a weak immune system, or blood circulation problems should not undergo the treatment.

Who is not a candidate?

People should stay away from Liposuction if they have serious health issues regarding blood flow, diabetes, or a weak immune system. Consult with your doctor if you have any symptoms of allergies or undergoing any medication. If you are taking any form of supplements, let your doctor know about the same.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Consulting with a specialized plastic surgeon beforehand liposuction surgery is very important. There are various types of liposuction procedures and which one to opt for depends on certain conditions and ailments of the patient. To determine this, it is important to let your doctor know about the related factors.

Preparing before Surgery

As there are various types of Liposuction, the preparation process before the procedure is an important factor. Usually, the medical history is analyzed along with bodily conditions, ongoing medications, and supplements. If the removal process includes a small amount of fat, the surgery can be done inside an office setting.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • Most liposuction surgeries take between 1 to 4 hours. The surgery process is done under general anesthesia. Epidural anesthesia may be used for treating lower parts of the body. It numbs the applied portion of the body even if the patient is awake.
  • Recovery Time
    • Depending on the types of Liposuction implemented through surgery, the recovery time may vary. Swelling and pain may be experienced. However, it all gets minimized to a normal situation within a few weeks. It is recommended to compress the skin by wearing elastic bandages or fitted garments. Sometimes, temporary drains are placed beneath the skin to remove excess fluid or blood.
  • Anesthesia
    • Different forms of anesthesia are included in the liposuction procedure. These include intravenous sedation, general anesthesia, and local anesthesia. Only a certified doctor can recommend the best form of anesthesia for you, especially if your treatment includes Vaser lipo.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Patients usually need to stay in the hospital if his/her treatment process includes Vaser lipo. Other than that, a day surgery procedure would be enough inside an OT. Most patients may not need to stay overnight in a hospital. However, patients may need to stay overnight when they have nausea or experience vomiting after general anesthesia. This is because they require more time for recovery, thus, need to stay in the hospital depending on the situation. In most cases, a couple of nights stay in a hospital is more than enough.

Expectations/ Results after Liposuction

Expect less to slighter pain, bruising, and swelling after liposuction treatment. Certain medications are prescribed to control the swell and pain. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed to eliminate the risk of infection. However, not to worry, the swelling subsides within a few weeks and then the area becomes leaner, matching the desired results. The results of Liposuction last long, along with proper obesity control measures.

Risk Factors

Risk factors are actually associated with the scale of treatment procedure applied. It also depends on the surgeon’s ability and training. Liposuction cost is not too expensive and thus, choosing specialized surgeons is not a money-dampening consideration. Well, the risk factors include:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Severe bruising
  3. Contour irregularities
  4. Thrombophlebitis
  5. Infections
  6. Numbness

Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery cost in Dubai is quite affordable for all types of patients. The cost usually involves the procedure type, treatment area, clinic or hospital, and of course, the surgeon’s expertise.


What happens to the excess skin? Does it sag?

  • Well, the result depends on the type of skin you have. When it comes to skin contraction, the results are unpredictable as it varies from person to person. If you have good skin elasticity, your skin will automatically contract with the help of the natural healing process. This is the reason doctor recommends patients for Liposuction who has good skin elasticity.

How many kilos/liters of fat can be removed in one session?

  • As a general guideline doctors can extract a maximum of 5 liters of fat from each person. This is solely based on the weight of the patient, his/her percentage of body fat, and the result he/she wants. As the new study, it states that surgeons can use a patient’s BMI (body mass index) for determining the safe amount of fat that can be extracted.

What other ancillary treatment is used?

  • In some cases, (based on the surgeon’s preferences and case requirement) ancillary energy sources like Ultrasound or laser treatment are used to loosen the fat initially. This further helps in tissue tightening and thereby, encourages the shrinking of the skin.

What is J-Plasma sub-dermal tissue tightening?

  • J-plasma is a unique treatment that is performed with the help of radiofrequency energy and helium gas for creating cold helium plasma. This is then injected to treat the downside of the skin. As the gas is ionized, it helps in stimulating the production of collagen, which helps in the immediate tightening of the skin.

What is Vaser Liposuction (4D High Def)?

  • Liposuction is usually known for removing the areas of fat. Still, when it comes to Vaser High Definition Liposuction, it uses the energy of Ultrasound to remove fat from under the muscles. It is a complete breakthrough technology that is used in the new era of liposuction surgeries. This process can remove an unwanted level of fat to define the body shape perfectly.

What is Liposculpture?

  • Liposculpture is a process that is used for promoting a perfectly toned body. It focuses more on shapeliness and muscle tones. It is used for treating little pockets of fats but not larger areas like a typical liposuction surgery. Instead of completely removing the fat, it can also move it around to gain the desired shape.