Turkey neck is a relatively obscure idiom to describe slumping, wrinkle skin of the neck. As a person ages, the skin loses suppleness, tautness, and neck muscle grows weaker. With generation, the skin becomes dry, listless, and feeble. With abrupt weight loss, sagging skin in the neck, face, body a common side effect, related to fat loss. Some advocate facial and neck exercise can mitigate turkey neck, but no fact can establish it. Exercise tone body muscle, but cannot be a remedy for excess, flapping skin. Neck Lift Surgery is by far the most effective and fastest remedy for turkey neck.


Cosmetic surgery like Neck Lift Procedure can address the effects of facial aging. An individual chose to undergo the surgical process performed by skilled surgeons to improve the aesthetic and overall quality of life. Sagging skin is not a medical condition, but a nagging problem is affecting self-esteem and appearance. It eradicates excess skin and fat from the neck, to give a sleeker, smart profile. Neck Lift Cost in Dubai varies depending on the technique of procedure, and the number of processes used.

What is a neck lift? 

A saggy neck is one of the first signs of aging. Other factors like such as quick weight gain/loss, hereditary can cause double chin, sagging neck. Modern medical methods like Neck Lift Surgery curtail the excess fat and skin to present a firmer, youthful look to the neck. Non-invasive and minimal invasive Procedures can enhance the quality and elasticity of neck skin.


If one is bothered by turkey wattle neck, excess fat, too much skin in the neck region can undergo this SurgeryThe neck muscle; platysma lose strength and the surgeon through an incision behind the ear or under the chin corrects, rejuvenates the muscle. In the initial discussion, the surgeon explains how Neck Lift Treatment will change the appearance of the neck.

Possible Causes 

A healthy, supple skin stretch and snap back quickly. With age, the elasticity, water retention capacity slows down, and skin starts to sag. The skin can sag anywhere in the body, but common areas are, face, throat, stomach, and upper arms. The production of elastin and collagen is diminished as the skin age. Elastin provides suppleness, and collagen gives tautness and elasticity. Collagen is a dense, structured fiber providing structure and firmness. It corrects the side effects of aging. 

Signs and Symptoms 

With age, elastin, and collagen, the two proteins declines, coupled with external factors like UV exposure, environmental pollution, excess smoking, alcohol deteriorates the quality of the skin and fasten sagging. Neck Lift Surgery trims excess skin; lift it into place to provide a youthful, admirable neck. Laser therapy can recover protein production and improve the overall skin tone of the neck.

How does the procedure work?

A Neck Lift is an assortment of the procedure to improve the look of the neck. The medical term for Neck Lift Surgery is lower rhytidectomy/submental lipectomy. The surgery can involve Types of Neck Lift or one depending on the desired effect. Neck Lift Procedure involves extracting excess skin (cervicoplasty), liposuction to get rid of surplus fat, Botox injection to provide fullness, and Kybella injection to remove excess fat from under the chin. Ultrasound, radiofrequency devices, intense pulsed light are used to address the side effects of aging. Neck Lift Cost depends on the technique used and the fee of the surgeon and clinic. 

Who needs Neck Lift?

Individuals affected by too much skin, excess fat on the skin can opt for this Treatment. The person has to be in good health for the treatment, as sometimes general anesthesia is administered.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options 

During the consultation with the cosmetic surgeon know about the available Types of Neck Liftand express your objective for the surgery. Discuss the overall effect of the surgery, estimate the Neck Lift Cost, and reveal the current medicines and supplements you are taking. Keep a pragmatic expectation, and talk about the side effects of different procedures. 

Preparing before Surgery

Getting ready for Neck Lift is similar to that of other surgery. If the patient has any drug allergy, it must be disclosed beforehand, or post-surgery complications may arise. The doctor may advise stopping certain medicines like aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs as it thins the blood. Smoking is not recommended; the patient should stop tobacco intake at least one month before surgery.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • The Procedure can last for one hour to three hours or more, depending on the intricacy of the procedure, or the neck muscle; platysma is partly removed or manipulated. After the surgical treatment, the patient is released to the recovery premise for close observation; drainage tubes will be attached to the throat.
  • Recovery Time
    • For a quick recovery from Neck Lift in Dubai, it is crucial to follow the surgeon`s advice and medication. Standard symptoms and severe complications are read out before the operation. Numbness, soreness, and tight feeling are experienced immediately after the surgery. The bruises resolve within four to five days. The usual sensation, felling of the throat returns after a few months.
  • Anesthesia
    • The advanced medical procedure allows the surgeon to make a smaller incision and to use an endoscope. If the patient wants general anesthesia is given; otherwise, local anesthesia with sedatives is enough to perform a Neck Lift in Dubai.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Neck Lift Surgery in Dubai is mostly done on an outpatient basis, primarily if the only liposuction is performed. If other Types of Neck Lift are act upon overnight stay in hospital is recommended for close monitoring of probable complications. Neck Lift Cost in Dubai includes overall services of the facilitation, which are reasonable. 

Expectations/ Results after Neck Lift 

Neck Lift Surgery can be performed in a free-standing ambulatory facility. Sutures are made at the incision site, and a bandage is wrapped to avoid infection, and reduce swelling. After a few weeks or months, the swelling subsides, and the full effect of the surgery is witnessed. 

Risk Factors

It is crucial to understand the risk and reward before the patient opts for a Neck Lift Treatment. Similar to other facial plastic surgery, there is an inherent risk, such as anesthesia reaction, infection, numbness/ tightness in the neck, seroma, asymmetrical result. 

Cost of Neck Lift

Neck Lift Treatment addresses many issues related to sagging skin, excess fat, loss of muscle in the neck region. Neck Lift Cost varies from doctor to doctor. The comprehensive fee includes surgeon fee, surgical facility, anesthesia, clinical test, surgical garments, and another miscellaneous fee.