Thigh lift Dubai – Although it might be considered unnecessary for some, many people opt for such surgeries to enhance their beauty. However, like any other surgery, there are several considerations associated with it. For example, you need to have a clear record of medication and health issues before you undergo surgery. Let us look into the details of thigh lift surgery.


Thigh lift surgery is mainly chosen by people who prefer to eliminate those extra flaps on the thighs. These flaps are extra layers of skin and fats that develop due to several factors. These factors can be of both genetic as well as behavioral origin. The thigh lift surgery procedure is not an invasive one, and the price is not high. The thigh lift cost in Dubai depends on a variety of factors. If you wish to opt for thigh lift surgery in Dubai, you must know the following points.

What is Thigh Lift Surgery? 

Thigh lift surgery is also known as thighplasty. It is primarily considered a cosmetic treatment to enhance beauty and eliminate extra fat from the body. Excess fat on the thigh is often seen in aging people. It can also result from several behavioral factors. Such incidences can cost to be deleterious in the long run. People might find problems in walking due to the heavy legs resulting from fat deposition in the thigh. You need to consider the following points before deciding whether you should go for this procedure. 


The main symptom for diagnosing this health condition is the formation of extra flaps on the thigh. There are different reasons behind excess thigh fat, and each of these reasons governs the types of thigh lift surgery required. If you feel any extra flap of fat on your thigh, you can consider going for thigh lift treatment.

Possible Causes

The major reason behind the need for thigh lift surgery procedure is excess fat due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating fat-rich junk food can lead to such fat deposition. Thigh flaps are also seen in obese persons, who can suffer from both behavioral and genetic problems. If a person suffers from the genetic variant of obesity, their children might likely suffer as well. Therefore, the children might also develop fat flaps on their thighs. Fat flaps might also result from aging.

Signs & Symptoms

The first symptom of thigh flaps is the development of extra fat on the thighs. At first, it might seem to you that such fat deposition is normal. Soon you will realize the excess fat, which will form a flap. As more flaps develop, your legs will become heavy, and you might face problems in walking or running. If you want to avoid such situations, opt for one of the different types of thigh lift surgery available to you.

How does the procedure work?

The basics of thigh lift surgery in Dubai are simple. However, complications arise due to medical issues. The basics will include marking different incision points on the skin. Since the procedure can be painful for the patient, local or general anesthesia is also provided. The extent of anesthesia depends on the patient’s ability to withstand pain and the extent of incision and cut that is needed to be done.

After the anesthesia step, the incision has to be made at different points on the thigh. The skin is peeled out, and the excess fat is being removed. Liposuction can also be done to remove the excess fat. After the excess fat is removed, the residual fat is then leveled off. The doctors then place the skin in position and close the incision gaps with clips, sutures, and skin adhesive tapes. The patient is monitored for a few days before being released from the hospital.

Who needs Thigh Lift Surgery?

Anyone can choose thigh lift surgery. But you need to have a proper medical ailment to support your cause. Aging and obese person needs thighplasty the most since such extra fat hinders their natural movements. People also want to perform such surgeries to enhance their beauty. Any person who has taken a career in movies or modeling might have to take such thigh lift treatments to look good all the time.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Although the procedure seems to be easy for you, there are several complications associated with it. You must ensure that either you do not have any prior medical complications or your complications do not impact the surgery. You must have normal blood pressure and blood sugar level. You must disclose all your medication to the plastic surgeon. You must also perform all the tests suggested by the surgeon (like X-ray, ECG) after consulting with your physician.

Preparing before Surgery

Before the surgery, you need to have all your medical records in handy. If you have high blood sugar, blood pressure, or cardiac problems, you must inform the plastic surgeon. Any prior medical records or family history must also be disclosed. You must also undertake all the tests as suggested by the plastic surgeon. If you have the habit of smoking, you must stop it several months before.

You Should Know

There are certain aspects you must know before the surgery. If you consider these points, you will not face much trouble in choosing a thigh lift in Dubai.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The duration of the surgery depends on the extent of the incision that is to be made. It also depends on the medical complications of the patient.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time depends on the immune strength of the patient. If the patient has bad habits like smoking, then the recovery rate is slow. Also, the patient must be at rest to ensure that the incision heals faster.
  • Anesthesia
    • The patient generally undergoes a session of local or global anesthesia. The type of anesthesia depends on the patient’s ability to endure the pain. It also depends on the extent of incision that is to be made on the thigh.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Patients are advised not to walk around after a thigh lift. They need to take complete bed rest and require someone to take care of them. Moreover, the patient might face certain side effects soon after the surgery. Therefore, patients are advised to stay in the hospital after the surgery.

Expectations/ Results after Thigh Lift

After the surgery, the patient generally faces a few problems in walking for the initial few days. The legs become slender and in shape. Obese people no longer find it difficult to balance and walk.

Risk Factors

Like most other cosmetic surgery, it also has certain risks. The surgeon must be careful not to cut any blood vessel or nerve during the process. Bleeding might also occur. Fluid accumulation can also take place in the treated area. To monitor all such effects, the patient is recommended to stay in the hospital after the surgery. 

Cost of Thigh Lift Surgery

The thigh lift cost is not much high. It depends on the amount of fat needed to be taken care of and the patient’s medical complications.