Thread lift procedure is one of the most common cosmetic surgery undertaken by most people worldwide. Older people mainly take it to get rid of their wrinkles and get a nice glowy skin. It is one of the most low-risk procedures requiring minimal recovery time. The side effects associated with it are also minimal and not harmful. The thread lift surgery cost is also less, depending on your desire and health complications. If you wish to choose the thread lift surgery procedure for yourself, you need to know the details of the treatment and the options you get in Dubai. Let us look into some of these details.


Aging is a natural process. When you are young, you will look fresh and glowy. You will have tight, smooth, and wrinkle-free skin. However, as you age, wrinkle starts to develop. That is the reason why older adults have wrinkles on their skin. Such wrinkles are considered cosmetic discomfort by many who prefer to have tight smooth skin even at an older age. Getting wrinkle-free skin has been made possible over the years using several creams, moistures, Ayurveda, and exercises. However, none of these options were found to be foolproof. The best solution to get rid of wrinkles from the skin is the Thread lift procedure. Let us discuss why such surgery has the best success rate.


What is the Thread lift procedure?

Thread lift procedure is considered the best option to get rid of wrinkles and obtain smooth tight skin. It is a simple technique and does not involve many medical complications. The thread lift surgery procedure is simple and quick, and the effect can last as long as three years. However, you can increase the effectiveness of such surgeries if you can club it with other therapies like therapy. Due to its simple nature, the thread lift cost in Dubai is not very high. Moreover, there are different types of thread lift procedures prevalent in Dubai, which again determines the thread lift surgery cost. Before you choose the thread lift treatments, you need to check whether you need it or not.


People prefer to choose the Thread lift procedure when they develop wrinkles on their face. Wrinkles are a common situation taking place in older adults. If you are thinking of going for some thread lift treatment, check whether you need it or not. Check in the mirror whether you have any loose skin anywhere on your body. Loose skins are precursors to wrinkles. You can get rid of any loose skin with this treatment. You might find some extra skins at some of the most discrete places. You can get rid of such skins or wrinkles by this technique too.

Possible Causes

The most common cause of wrinkles on the skin is aging. Aging is a natural process by which the body contracts after a certain age. However, the extra skin that remains forms wrinkles or flaps on top of others. Other than the actual age, aging can be fastened by several factors like toxic environment, mental pressure, stress, etc. The physiological hallmark of aging is wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, if you have such problems apart from the normal aging process, you might develop wrinkles prematurely. In such a situation, you must go for a thread lift in Dubai.

Signs & Symptoms

Thread lift treatment is a simple treatment to get rid of wrinkles. People can search for wrinkle or soft, overgrowing skin to identify the problem. Once they have identified the problem, they can choose such treatment. People can also go for thread lift in Dubai if they want to enhance their beauty for their profession or their own desires.

How does the procedure work?

Although the basic procedure is the same, the final procedure might deviate depending on the types of thread lift treatment. The surgeon makes the patient sit on a recliner and applies topical anesthetic and alcohol on the treated areas. They then use a very thin needle and thread beneath your skin. The entire process of inserting the threads at the appropriate places might take around 30 to 45 minutes. After completion of insertion, the needle is removed. The patient feels a slight pain due to tightening of the skin during this period. Once all the needles are taken out of the skin, the procedure is complete.

Who needs thread lift treatment?

People can have varied reasons to undergo a thread lift procedure. Some of them are:

  • They find wrinkles being formed on the skin, giving them a sluggish appearance.
  • Those who find soft skins at unusual places, which can serve as a precursor for wrinkles.
  • They want to enhance their look by getting rid of any excess skin on their body.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before you go for thread lift in Dubai, you must consult an able plastic surgeon. Disclose all your medical records and formulas that you have followed over the years. If you have any complications, then your surgeon will consider it while planning for your surgery. Your surgeon will also recommend how to prepare for the surgery. They will tell you about your diet chart, regular exercise, and associated ways to be healthy before the surgery.

Preparing before Surgery

You do not need much preparation before a thread lift surgery in Dubai. Follow the diet chart prepared by the plastic surgeon. Also, get rid of bad habits like smoking, which can delay the recovery process.

You Should Know

Before you choose a proper thread lift surgery procedure for you, you must know the following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The surgery takes place for 30 to 45 minutes in general. However, the duration can vary depending on complications.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time after the surgery is fast. The patient can go back home after the surgery. However, the recovery rate depends on the immune system and the habits of the patients.
  • Anesthesia
    • Plastic surgeons generally prefer to perform local anesthesia, depending on the area of treatment.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • In general, the patients can go back home after the treatment. However, if the patient shows robust side effects, they can be advised to stay back at the hospital.

Expectations/ Results after thread lift

A well-toned, plain, and tight skin is generally the outcome of successful treatment.

Risk Factors

This technique is a harmless technique with occasional swelling and redness as side effects. If the patient develops robust reactions to the treatment, they are advised to stay in the hospital for the night.

Cost of Thread lift

Thread lift cost in Dubai is not very high. The type of thread lift surgery determines the thread lift surgery cost.