Tummy Tuck Dubai/ Abdominoplasty – A six-pack abdomen is not a fanciful idea for modern men and women, but a well-toned firm stomach is most sought after. Obesity, pregnancy, aging are typical causes of an apple-shaped stomach. Lower metabolism leads to the accumulation of saturated fat, resulting in diminishing muscle mass. Hormonal level disruption is another factor for the buildup of fat around the stomach. Women are more prone to sagging tummy after pregnancy or during menopause. Keeping a taut stomach is not a cakewalk. Tummy Tuck in Dubai is a feasible, economical solution to eliminate excess abdominal fat, lower backache, and improve the stomach’s overall appearance.

What is Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty?

Excess skin and fat are removed from the stomach surgically to improve the aesthetic and quality of life. Connective tissues (Scarpa’s fascia), a dense layer on the anterior abdominal wall, are reinforced and tightened in Tummy Tuck Surgery. This is major surgery, so you must know the facts before undergoing it. It is not like liposuction, but fusion with tummy tuck gives an excellent result.


A tummy tuck is a very individualized preference, not satisfying some other person’s desire or social image. To undergo this operation, you must be physically fit, with optimal weight. The excess fat and skin around the stomach must bother you and have a pragmatic expectation. Consult with the surgeon to assess Tummy Tuck Costwhich depends on the area of treatment, the surgeon’s fees, hospital facilities, and geographical location.

Possible Causes

An individual with average body weight can have a protruding, sagging apple-shaped stomach. The considerable variation of the hormone, body mass, aging, hereditary, pregnancy is fundamental reasons. The tummy tuck is not a substitute for a sweating exercise regime or weight loss program. Abdominoplasty Cost in Dubai depends on the treatment area and the amount of fat to be extracted.

Signs and Symptoms

Men and women in good health can undergo this operation. After one or a few pregnancies, the abdomen’s muscle and skin get listless, sagging; this surgery can comprehensively improve the stomach’s contour and appearance. It is also suitable for people, who were once obese, but have predominant traces of excess fat and skin in the stomach.

How does the procedure work?

Anesthesia, incision, finishing of incision, and the results are four essential steps in Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) ProcedureGeneral anesthesia, local or intravenous, is administered before the surgery. An incision is made from the pubic hairline to the belly button. The area of the slit depends on the fat to be removed. After lifting of the skin, the connective tissues and muscles are repaired and strengthened. Another incision around the belly is needed if there are excess fat and skin. The excess skin is spick and span, and a new belly button is crafted. The incision is closed through skin adhesive, stitches, or clips. After a successful surgery, you can flaunt your flat, compact abdominal contour. 

Who needs Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty? 

If the stubborn fat or excess skin is unyielding to diet or rigorous workout, then you are a perfect candidate for Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty. The extra fat and skin is removed surgically from the abdomen; the muscles and connective tissues are tightened to give a flat, stable stomach.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

During the appointment with the plastic surgeon, reveal the reason and goal for the operation. Discuss if you have any drug allergies, medical conditions, and treatment if you are undergoing any. Reveal if you are taking diet/herbal supplements, medications, smoking, alcohol, or drug use. All these factors are essential to evaluate the risk element and health status. The doctor will explain the available options, course of treatment, and potential risks; complications post-surgery.

Preparing before Surgery

Relevant clinical testing and medical examination evaluation is mandatory before Abdominoplasty. It is recommended to quit smoking for at least two weeks pre and post-surgery. You must stop smoking as it enhances the risk element and slows the healing process. If you are prescribed drugs, exhibit the prescription, the surgeon may instruct you to stop taking certain medicines. Arrange your home with ice packs, loose, comfortable clothes, petroleum jelly, and a handheld shower and bathroom chair.

You Should Know

  • Surgery Duration
    • This surgery can last for one to five hours, and the patient is released overnight. A regular checkup and wound supervision are essential for a speedy recovery. The first 24-48 hours are crucial for the dressing of wounds and drains to be removed.
  • Recovery Time
    • The patient may be eager to join the office within a week after surgery, but it takes months to be back in the routine. Following specific instructions such as caring for the surgical site, drainage, ointment, and medication reduce the chance of infection. A balanced, nutritious diet and light exercise will uphold the good effects.
  • Anesthesia
    • General anesthesia, twilight, and local anesthesia are administered depending on the type of surgery. Mini Abdominoplasty is conducted under conscious sedation straight local anesthesia.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Usually, a patient is released after one stay in the hospital. But after discharge, the patient must go for regular checkups. A tender on foot is coaxed to promote healing. After three to four weeks, gentle exercise is recommended; after six weeks, one can go for rigorous sessions.

Expectations/ Results after Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty

Immediately after Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Treatment, the result could be apprehensive. There can be swelling, inability to stand upright until the wound is completely healed. Within a week or two, the patient can take confident strides, boasting of a slimmer waistline. The scar of the surgery will fade with time.

Risk Factors

It is an entirely personal choice, and a decision should be taken after considering all potential complications and risk factors. There will be swelling and pain in the operated area and the doctor will prescribe medicine to smoothen it. Numbness, tiredness, and bruising could be experienced. In rare cases, the patient may suffer infection, internal bleeding, or blood clotting.

Cost of Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck cost depends on the typeswhich can be conventional, mini-abdominoplasty, endoscopic, lipoabdominoplasty, reverse, or circumferential abdominoplasty.