Birthmarks are present in most human beings. However, some birthmarks are needed to be removed for various reasons. Birthmarks Removal treatment is the perfect solution to such a problem. Depending on the nature of birthmarks, the types of Birthmarks Removal is determined. The Birthmarks Removal cost also varies accordingly.


Birthmarks are skin aberrations that exist from birth. It can be an abnormality in the skin pigmentation of certain regions of the skin. It can also be the development of moles on the skin, both cancerous and non-cancerous. Babies can also have multiple birthmarks of the same kind, indicating some internal problems like neurofibromatosis. For such reasons, people choose birthmark removal surgeries. Several kinds of Birthmarks Removal treatment exists that treat different kinds of birthmarks. Let us look into some of these important aspects in detail.

What is Birthmarks Removal?

Birthmarks Removal treatment is performed to remove birthmarks from the body. There are several techniques involved in the removal process in Dubai. For example, surgical removal of moles is done to remove moles from the body. People perform such surgeries to remove birthmarks for various reasons. It can be both needed for health concerns as well as cosmetic concerns.

Moreover, the first step of the removal process is the diagnosis of the mark. The diagnosis is also an extended and varied procedure. If you wish to get your birthmark removed, you must go to a certified clinic to get it done.

Possible Causes

Birthmarks Removal treatment is performed to get rid of any birthmarks. People opt for Birthmarks Removal in Dubai for various reasons. Birthmarks can result from abnormal pigmentation in certain regions of the skins. Such abnormality in the pigmentation process can be both harmful and harmless for your health. It can also result from uncontrolled growth of cells resulting in moles. Moles can be both malignant and benign. Therefore, birthmarks can be both dangerous and safe. Moreover, any irregularly placed birthmarks on the face can be a cosmetic concern.

Signs & Symptoms

The presence of birthmarks is the main symptom of choosing Birthmarks Removal treatment. If you have not found your birthmark yet, you should check all the body parts for any marks. You can ask the surgeon to identify such marks for you. They have a special instrument called the Wood’s Lamp that distinguishes between birthmarks from any other marks. If you find any birth mole, check for similar moles on your body around that mole. Such symptoms are an indication of the disease called neurofibromatosis. You can also check in the mirror for such marks that you are carrying from your childhood. If you find one, you must visit a dermatologist or a surgeon to check whether it can be of any harm to you.

How does the procedure work?

Different kinds of birthmarks require different types of birthmark removal surgeries. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the right type of birthmark and treat it accordingly. For example, if the birthmark results from a skin pigmentation problem, then the surgeon can apply laser therapy to the area. Heart medicines like Timolol, Propanolols, corticosteroids, or interferons can be used to treat strawberry hemangioma. Light therapy can be used for the treatment of flat pigmented birthmarks. For treating moles, surgical excisions are often preferred. The procedure is also decided, taking into consideration the health condition and medicinal record of the patients.

Who needs Birthmarks Removal treatment?

People choose birthmark removal treatments for various reasons. The reason can be a cosmetic concern where the birthmark is oddly placed on the face. Birthmarks can also be harmful, with certain moles are found to be carcinogenic in nature. Arrangements of a number of such marks can also indicate some other health disorders. It is important to get rid of such birthmarks to protect yourself from such diseases. Birthmark removal surgery cost depends on the type of birthmark. If you find it cheap, you should get the birthmark removed from your body.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before undergoing the birthmark removal surgery procedure, you must consult a plastic surgeon in this regard. The surgeon or dermatologist is the best person to diagnose the type of birthmark. You must also present all your medical records to your surgeon. Based on these pieces of information, your surgeon will decide the type of birthmark removal treatment that can suit you. They will also guide you in preparing for the surgery. Follow their instructions if you want to have a safe and successful removal of your birthmarks.

Preparing Before Birthmarks Removal treatment

Before the surgery, your surgeon will guide you with some preparation. They might ask you not to apply any chemicals or hard substances on your birthmarks. They can also prepare a diet chart if required. You will be advised not to go out in intense sunlight if not required. You must also wear soft cotton clothes before and after the surgery.

You Should Know

Before you wish to undergo Birthmarks Removal treatment, you must know the following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The duration of the birthmark removal surgery depends on the type of birthmark. Therefore, a major time-consuming step in this process is the diagnosis of the mark. Based on the result of such a diagnosis, the surgery is planned.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time of the patient depends on his or her immunity. It also depends on the type of treatment that has been planned.
  • Anesthesia
    • The requirement for anesthesia depends on the type of treatment. Laser treatments generally require sedatives or topical anesthesia. Surgical excision might require general anesthesia depending on the sensitivity of the patients to pain.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Surgeons might ask the patients to stay in the hospital, depending on the type of surgery.

Expectations/ Results after Birthmarks Removal treatment

Most birthmark removal surgery has resulted in success. However, some of the marks might resurface if the causal factors continue to work in the body.

Risk Factors

Birthmark removal surgery might include different risk factors such as allergies to anesthesia, excision cuts, or any other infection.

Cost of Birthmarks Removal treatment

Birthmarks Removal treatment cost in Dubai depends on the type of mark and its related surgery.