Everyone wants to have flawless and spot-free skin, but that does not happen to all. Both women and men may get affected by a skin condition called pigmentation. This may not lead to any serious consequences, but it affects your appearance and self-esteem. The good thing is Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai is available, and the cost is not very high. The price depends on the type of pigmentation you have and the body’s area affected by it.


The human skin gets its natural color from a pigment named melanin. If the cells that generate melanin in the body get damaged owing to any reason, melanin production takes a backseat. This leads to discoloration of the skin- leading to pigmentation. Pigmentation can affect your skin in many forms, and the main two types are Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. The former occurs when your body generates excessive amounts of melanin. In this condition, your skin becomes darker than usual. In hypopigmentation, the opposite occurs, and your body develops a small amount of melatonin. So, you get a lighter skin hue. It has two subtypes- called vitiligo and albinism. Through the latest Pigmentation Treatment, these skin conditions can be treated effectively.

What is Pigmentation Treatment?

Thanks to medical science and dermatology advancements, you can seek Pigmentation Treatment that involves minimal pain and causes almost no side effects. The clinics offering Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai use minimally invasive procedures, and you can be assured of accuracy and efficacy. The types are determined by the type of pigmentation you have and its severity.

The commonplace Pigmentation Treatment Procedures are:

  1. Chemical peel: In this process, a specially formulated chemical peel layer is applied to the skin surface, which affects the epidermis without affecting the underlying dermis. Superficial lesion removal is easy through this method.
  2. Laser treatment– Long term pigmentation issues need treatment. Laser surgery is advanced, and it yields good results. The clinics offering this treatment choose the apt type of laser-based on your pigmentation.
  3. Ointments and creams–  The top skin clinics offer specially formulated creams and lotions to treat skin pigmentation without surgical interventions. These creams and ointments regulate melanin production anomalies in the body.


The surgeons and doctors offering Pigmentation Treatment Procedure will perform several dermatological tests to determine the type of pigmentation you have. They may also conduct specific blood tests and allergy tests and go through your medical history in detail.

Possible Causes

Skin pigmentation causes are often varied. The significant reasons leading to pigmentation are:

  1. Excessive exposure to harsh sunlight.
  2. Inflammation skin trauma can lead to pigmentation sometimes.
  3. Melasma, mainly affecting women, can affect men too.
  4. Sometimes, using a specific type of medicines, like antibiotics, may trigger Hyperpigmentation.
  5. Specific ailments such as Addison’s disease can start excessive melanin production.

Signs and Symptoms

Skin pigmentation is easy to spot. The upper layer of your skin changes its color. You get lightening or darkening of skin color, mainly. You may also develop patches of pale or white skin.

Who needs Pigmentation Treatment?

If you are coping with skin conditions like hypo and Hyperpigmentation, you can seek this treatment. Many age groups opt for it though pregnant women and kids may not get clearance for specific treatment procedures.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

A professional and skilled dermatologist will guide you in selecting the right type of Pigmentation Treatment Surgery. Based on your budget and pigmentation type, you will get advice for non-invasive methods or surgical processes. The good thing is Body Contouring and similar skin treatment processes do not cost a considerable amount these days.

Preparing before Surgery

The surgeon or dermatologist will give you proper advice regarding preparation before undergoing a surgical process for treating pigmentation issues. When you are well prepared, it is easier to reduce the risk of side effects and recuperate faster. You may get recommendations on altering food habits and restricting habits like smoking.

You Should Know

Before you undergo this treatment, you need to know certain aspects related to the process. The surgeon will update you on these.

  • Surgery Duration
    • Typically, the pigmentation surgeries in Dubai based clinics do not take much time. In most cases, the patients can go home on the same day as the procedure.
  • Recovery Time
    • Skin pigmentation treatment procedures are not very invasive nowadays. So, the recovery time is not very long. However, in some instances, you may need some time to recuperate. If the laser is used, the skin regeneration may take some time.
  • Anesthesia
    • If you opt for non-surgical methods for skin pigmentation, there is hardly any need to deploy Anaesthesia. However, or more intensive procedures, local Anaesthesia application becomes necessary.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • In most cases of this treatment, the patients may not need to stay in the hospital. However, there can be exceptions for people coping with other health conditions. If a patient requires a series of skin treatment procedures, a hospital stay will be necessary.

Expectations/ Results after Pigmentation Treatment

You need to have a realistic expectation for treating skin pigmentation issues. Most treatments focus on removing the affected outer skin layer harmlessly. New skin generation does take some time. It can range from a few days to weeks, based on your condition and type of pigmentation.

Risk Factors

Dubai based skin clinics have the most veteran dermatologists and plastic surgeons. They also use advanced computerized equipment for performing pigmentation surgeries and processes. So, the risk factor is minimal.

Cost of Pigmentation Treatment

The Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Dubai will vary on the type of procedure selected and affected skin area. The surgical methods will cost more than the non-invasive treatment methods, for sure.