Scar Treatment encompasses a wide range of treatments to treat scars on the skin. The types of scar treatment depend on the types of scars. Scars can develop as a part of the healing process after any wound. Therefore, scar treatment costs can also vary. It is mainly based on the type of treatment and center rates. Therefore, if you want to opt for scar treatment in Dubai, you need to know several aspects. Let us look at some of these aspects.


Many people have experienced the development of scars on their bodies. Facial scars are the most common since it results from various reasons. Scars are formed as a part of the wound healing process. People never consider scar to be an addition to their beauty; instead, most people think it odd. Therefore, people consider removing scar marks from their bodies. There are numerous ways one can get rid of scar marks- invasive, non-invasive, and minimally invasive. Each of these techniques has its pros and cons.

What is Scar Treatment?

It is a group of surgical and non-surgical procedures used to remove scar marks from the skin. Scars can result from various reasons- both accidental and non-accidental. This treatment is a cosmetic surgery since it is done to enhance the beauty of the person undertaking it. Such therapies are mostly done on the facial skin since the face is considered the most attractive part of the body. However, people have also done scar treatment on other body parts. If you have any scars on your body, you can remove them with any scar treatment options.

Possible Causes

This is mainly considered to get rid of unwanted scars on the body. Scars result due to a variety of reasons. Scars can occur from birth as birthmarks. It can also result due to aging. However, the most common cause of scar formation is a part of the wound healing process. The wounds can be due to some accidents, cuts, burns, or non-accidental reasons like acne, pimples, boils, etc. During the tissue repairing process, due to some abnormalities, scar tissue might be formed. The result of such scar tissue formation can sustain for a few days too long years. If the scar becomes permanent on your skin, you can eliminate it by choosing this treatment.

Signs & Symptoms

The most common symptom of the need for the scar treatment procedure is the presence of scars. Scars can result from a variety of reasons described above. Therefore, if you wish to pay the scar treatment cost in Dubai, you must first check whether you have any scar. You can look into the mirror and check for scars on your body. Some scars can go by themselves; you need to treat the permanent ones. Talk to your dermatologist for the best types of scar treatments suitable for you.

How does the procedure work?

Different kinds of scars require different types of treatment. Each of these treatment types has its costs, benefits, and side effects. The most commonly used techniques include Dermabrasion, which is peeling off the top layer of the skin. Many surgeons also perform this process with a chemical substance’s help through the chemical peel process. Other surgeons also use a technique called laser resurfacing. Depending on the type of scar you have, the budget you consider, and your medical records, the surgeon will choose the best surgery option.

Who needs scar treatments?

Scar treatment is needed by those people who feel that the scar does not look good on their body. Most people choose to undergo the scar treatment procedure for scars on their face. However, not everyone can be eligible for scar treatment. You must be in your best of health for it. If you have any additional skin complications, the chances of you receiving such treatment are lowered.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

If you have made up your mind to undergo the scar treatment technique, you must first consult your plastic surgeon. These surgeons have the best knowledge of such treatments and can duly guide you in this matter. Before this, you must present all your medical records to the surgeon. If you have any bad habits like smoking or drinking, you must disclose those to him too. Based on all these points, your surgeon will decide the best type of treatment for you. The surgeons also prepare a list of preparations that the patients have to follow before the treatment.

Preparing Before Treatment

After receiving the to-do list from your surgeon, you must follow them accordingly. You must follow any diet chart prepared by your surgeon. You might also have to give up on your bad habits, as they can hinder the treatment or the recovery process. You must do your routine checkups and bring all your health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, etc., to an average level. It will help if you also prepare yourself financially for the treatment. On the day of the treatment, wear soft cotton clothes. Prepare yourself for some days, stay at the hospital.

You Should Know

Before you choose scar treatments, you must know the following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The duration of the surgery depends on the type of surgery. The time required also includes the type of anesthesia needed for the surgery.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time after the surgery depends on the immunity of the patient. If the patient is a regular smoker, the recovery time increases.
  • Anesthesia
    • Depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s sensitivity towards pain, the surgeons determine the anesthesia required.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • To check the development of any side effects, the surgeons might ask the patients to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

Expectations/ Results after scar treatment

At the end of the scar treatment, patients get their scar marks removed. However, some side effects might develop from some of the techniques.

Risk Factors

General risk factors like allergies and inflammation encircle scar treatments.

Cost of Scar Treatment

Scar treatment cost depends on the type of treatment prescribed.