Tattoo removal treatments are quite common in Dubai. It is done to remove unwanted tattoos from our bodies. Tattoos are often considered as jewelry that can never be stolen. People wear tattoos to express their thoughts and ideas, to commemorate or show support to some personalities or events, to refer to a particular happening, and as a style statement. However, people can get rid of tattoos for several reasons. For example, removing the names of the exes from the body and mind. Tattoo removal cost in Dubai can vary depending on the tattoo’s size and the area being treated. Let us look deep into tattoo removal procedures.


Most people love to have tattoos on their bodies. They consider it to be such an ornament that cannot be stoled. People also wear tattoos to represent their ideas or show their love for someone or something. However, people often feel the need to remove them from their bodies after some time. The need can be due to various factors that we will discuss later in this article. Tattoo removal procedures are employed to remove such tattoos from the body. Laser beams are used in these tattoo removal in Dubai. If you are not sensitive to laser, you can try this technique to remove tattoos from your body.

What is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo Removal Treatment is a laser-based technique to remove tattoos from the body. In this technique, the laser destroys the tattoo pigment with high-intensity beams. All kind of laser wavelength can be used to remove a black colored tattoo, making it the easiest to be removed. For colored tattoos, lasers of specified wavelength according to the color is used.

Most tattoo removal treatments do not get rid of the entire tattoo in one session. Deep colored tattoos require multiple sessions. There are different types of Tattoo Removal Treatment, depending on the size, color, and location of the tattoo. The tattoo removal surgery cost also depends on these factors. People choose this to get rid of unwanted marks and memories from their bodies. If you wish to get rid of such tattoos, you must learn their details before choosing such treatments.

Possible Causes

People want to get rid of tattoos from their bodies for several reasons. They might have got the tattoo to show their love for someone. However, after the breakup, people prefer to get their tattoos removed to wipe out any memories. People also get their tattoos removed when they are out of date. If their body is filled with tattoo and there is no more space, people get their older ones removed. If the tattoo does not suit the look of a person, it gets removed. Finally, people also get their tattoos removed if their jobs asked for them. For all these reasons, people choose Tattoo Removal Treatment.

Signs & Symptoms

Tattoo Removal Treatment does not require any specific symptoms. Any person can opt for this treatment. People get rid of their tattoos for one or many of the reasons mentioned above. You can check for the need for tattoo removal when you do not have any more space on your body. You can check yourself in front of the mirror, and if you do not find any vacant space, get some older ones removed.

How does the procedure work?

During the laser-based Tattoo Removal Treatment, most surgeons follow a common protocol. The number of treatments you are supposed to receive depends on the tattoo’s size and color, and your age. The removal technique also depends on the color of the skin and the depth of the tattoo pigment. Although laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable for some patients, surgeons generally do not prefer anesthesia. Rather the surgeon might suggest some sedatives if the patient is sensitive to pain. They might also include topical anesthesia in this regard.

At first, you will be provided with an eye shield to protect your eyes from the laser. Then the technician will perform your skin responses to the laser treatment. This method is essential to determine the intensity of the treatment that can be provided. Then the surgeon will provide pulses of laser that can be absorbed by the tattoo colors only. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the number of pulses of the laser is being treated. The tattoo removal treatment procedures to remove a tattoo completely will include several pulses. These pulses are being distributed into several sessions. At the end of each session, the tattoos become lighter.

Who needs Tattoo Removal Treatment?

It is a cosmetic treatment that people can choose at their wish. They do not require any symptoms to remove tattoos from the body. If they want to remove tattoos, they can remove them. Some of the reasons to remove tattoos from the body are listed above. However, any skin disease like eczema and herpes prevents people from undergoing these procedures.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before choosing tattoo removal, you must consult your dermatologist and plastic surgeon for your options. You must present your medical conditions to the surgeon before the surgery. After considering your medical conditions, your therapist will decide amongst the types of tattoo removal treatment for you. They will also guide you with the proper way to prepare for the surgery.

Preparing Before Tattoo Removal Treatment

Before the surgery, you must perform a few preparations. You must not put any ointment or creams on the tattoo before the surgery. You must follow a proper level of blood pressure and blood sugar. You must not expose your skin much to sunlight. You must wear soft clothes over the part that is to be treated.

You Should Know

Before paying the Tattoo Removal Treatment cost, you must know the following points0

  • Surgery Duration
    • The duration of the surgery depends on the area, size, and color of the tattoo. If the person is sensitive to pain, extra time might be devoted to sedatives or topical anesthesia.
  • Recovery Time
    • The patient might develop some allergies at the site of the surgery. Otherwise, there is no recovery required after the surgery.
  • Anesthesia
    • Although people do not find tattoo removal surgeries to be comfortable, it does not require any anesthesia. However, if the patient is sensitive to pain, some sedative or topical anesthesia might be provided.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Some surgeons prefer to keep the patient in the hospital after the surgery to monitor any side effects.

Expectations/ Results after Tattoo Removal Treatment

After the surgery, patients will observe that their tattoo has become lighter. For complete removal of the tattoos, multiple sessions are required.

Risk Factors

After the treatment, some people have experienced scarring. They might also develop allergies to the treatment.

Cost of Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoo Removal cost in Dubai depends on the area and color of the tattoo.