Wrinkle Treatment is performed to remove wrinkles from the skin. Wrinkles are considered to be odd amongst other aspects of facial beauty. Therefore, these people prefer to eliminate wrinkles from their faces and bodies. Wrinkles can be generated due to a variety of reasons. The major challenge in wrinkle treatments is to diagnose the cause and plan the solutions. If you wish to choose Wrinkle Treatment in Dubai, you must know the following points about wrinkle treatments.


Many people have experienced developing wrinkles on their faces, arms, and other body parts. Wrinkles can be caused due to several reasons. For example, excessive weight loss can also cause wrinkle formation on the skin within a short period. Several techniques are suggested to eliminate such wrinkles from the skin. Wrinkle treatment cost in Dubai depends on the type of treatment suggested. You must convey your decision to the surgeon, and they will discuss the feasibility of your choice with you.

What is Wrinkle Treatment?

It is a set of simple to complex treatments to remove wrinkles from the skin. There are numerous types of wrinkle treatment, depending on the nature of the wrinkles. Numerous causes can cause wrinkle folds on the skin. Many people consider wrinkles to be a misfit on their otherwise beautiful look. Therefore they prefer to undergo this procedure. The duration of such treatment can vary depending on the treatment kind. Before choosing such treatment, consult your dermatologist to know about the treatment and prepare for all the pros and cons associated with it.

Possible Causes

People prefer wrinkle treatment to get rid of their wrinkles. The causes of wrinkles on the skin are many. Wrinkles are mostly associated with age. As the person becomes old, wrinkles start to appear as the skin becomes saggy. Wrinkles can also occur due to excess weight loss in a short span. It can also be caused due to too much work pressure and stress. It can also have a hereditary link to it. If you expose yourself to excess sunlight, you can also develop wrinkles prematurely. Smoking can also cause wrinkle formation on the skin.

Signs & Symptoms

As the name suggests, wrinkle formation on the skin is the major reason people undergo wrinkle treatment in Dubai. Before choosing such surgery, you must first look at yourself in the mirror. Check whether you need such treatment or can prefer to age gracefully. You can get rid of such wrinkles with some home-based remedies. However, such remedies are not effective in all cases. If you feel that you are developing wrinkles on your skin, you must visit a surgeon to remove them.

How does the procedure work?

Different kinds of wrinkles require different types of wrinkle treatments. The surgeon can suggest medicinal treatments like administration of Vitamin A, antioxidants, alpha-hydroxy acids, moisturizers, etc. The surgical kind of wrinkle treatment procedure includes dermabrasion, chemical peels like glycolic acid peels, deeper peels, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, thread lift, etc. Most of these techniques have been modified and made non-invasive or minimally invasive. These techniques have the least side effects now, and such effects also depend on the person’s immunity. The surgeon is the best person to decide which type will be most suitable for you.

Who needs Wrinkle Treatment?

Any person who considers their wrinkles do not suit their face look can choose wrinkle treatment. There are no restrictions on these choices. The only hindrance that you can face is your health. If the surgeon suggests one of the surgical procedures but your body parameters do not suit it, you might not be able to take the surgery at all. Otherwise, watching yourself in the mirror to check whether your wrinkles are oddly placed will help you in your decision.

Consult your Plastic Surgeon for Treatment Options

Before you choose any of the wrinkle treatments, you must consult your plastic surgeon. All the types of wrinkle treatment fall under cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgeons have the best knowledge in this regard. You must show all your medical records to the surgeon. If you have any bad habits, you must say it to the surgeon as well. Based on all these pieces of information, your surgeon will decide the type of surgery that will suit you the most. The surgeon might also suggest ways to prepare for the treatment.

Preparing Before Wrinkle Treatment

Before the surgery, it is wise to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon. You must follow a proper diet and exercise regime, as suggested by the surgeon. You need to bring all your body parameters to the normal level. You must also abstain from any bad habits like smoking and drinking.

You Should Know

Before you opt for wrinkle treatments, you must consider the following points.

  • Surgery Duration
    • The surgery duration depends on the type of treatment and the anesthesia associated with it.
  • Recovery Time
    • The recovery time depends on the complexity of the procedure and the immunity of the patient. If the patient smokes a lot, then they have a longer healing time. However, the effect of such wrinkle removal can be visualized after a few weeks.
  • Anesthesia
    • The surgeon decides on the type of anesthesia depending on the type of treatment suggested. For example, the laser techniques are least painful, while dermabrasion might require topical or general anesthesia.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • The surgeons might recommend patients stay in the hospital to monitor any side effects due to the surgery.

Expectations/ Results after wrinkle treatment

The success of the wrinkle treatment procedure determines the type of treatment. Most surgical methods have a high success rate.

Risk Factors

Like other surgeries, wrinkle removal treatment has general risk factors like allergies, infection, etc.

Cost of Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle treatment cost depends on the type of treatment.