Hydrafacial Treatment

What is Hydrafacial Treatment? 

Hydrafacial Treatment is a multi-step facial treatment that uses unique, patented technology to cleanse, extract, exfoliate, and hydrate skin. It is one of the popular in-office treatment trendings right now. Hydrafacial is an incredible and non-invasive treatment that removes toxins, rejuvenates, and protects the skin for immediate results. With this treatment, you can achieve immediate results as there is no downtime.

Hydrafacial treatment in Dubai is all possible through the double-helix vortex treatment wand. In this method, one chamber of the wand removes dead skin cells and dirt from your skin. The other wand pumps the skin full of soothing nutrients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and growth factors. With all of these treatments, your skin is deeply cleansed for deep penetration. Eventually, it’s a combination of a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask. 

Who can try it and who cannot? 

  • The Hydrafacial treatment suits everyone of all ages and all skin types. This treatment does not cause any irritation or inflammation.
  • Teenagers having acne, adults having pimples, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation and old patients having sun damage or pre-cancerous spots, all are eligible for the treatment. 
  • If you’re pregnant, it is advised to check with your obstetrician or dermatologist before opting for the treatment. You may have to pull your normal skin before the appointment.
  • Also, if you’re using any sort of prescription creams, then you should stop it for a few days before the commencement of the treatment to avoid any irritation. 

What is the cost of Hydrafacial Treatment? 

A trained Aesthetician or Dermatologist can get you safe Hydrafacial treatment in 30 min. The cost will vary based on location and specific practice. 

The procedure of Hydrafacial Treatment 

Hydrafacial is a machine with a handheld device that uses four HydroPeel tips and skincare solutions to get the results. A spiral design of tips combined with Hydrafacial vacuum technology creates a vortex effect. This vortex effect eliminates the impurities and introduces solutions that exfoliate, hydrate, and infuse your skin with antioxidants.

There are four basic steps in the treatment.

  • Cleanse
    • The initial step in Hydrafacial Treatment is a quick manual cleanse by the esthetician. Then the VortexFusion treatment with Activ4 is given to the patient. Hence, it combines exfoliating lactic acid and glucosamine HCI with anti-oxidant-rich algae to softens and condition your skin.
  • Deep Exfoliation
    • To provide deep exfoliation, there are two different tips. One of which is more aggressive than the other delivering one of three different levels of glycolic acid (7.5%, 15% or 30%) combined with 1.5% – 2% salicylic acid. A combination of physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation gives the best results in less time when compared to the traditional peel.
  • Extraction
    • In the extraction step, it requires a different tip and Beta-HD that softens sebum with salicylic acid and removes blackheads and sebum from open pores. Simultaneously, the honey extract hydrates spiraea ulmaria flower extract relaxes and soothes the skin.
  • Serum
    • In the final step of Hydrafacial Treatment, the skin is all set for an infusion of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. Antiox, which is a proprietary blend has arnica flower extract that soothes the skin. Red algae extract brightens the skin. 


Hydrafacial treatment offers a ton of benefits. Let’s understand which are those:

  • More hydrated skin
  • Clear complexion
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased firmness, even tone, and texture
  • Improves signs of aging
  • No downtime 

Risk Factors 

Hydrafacial has very minimal side-effects like a little redness immediately after the treatment, but it will diminish soon. After the Hydrafacial Treatment, you need to rest your skin to soak up the benefits for the rest of the day. The very next morning you can wear makeup and follow your daily routine. Although risks are very minute, there are chances that the patient may experience irritation with the use of customized serums if you have reactive skin.

How often you need this treatment? 

The effects of the Hydrafacial treatment lasts longer than other facials. Depending on your skin type, your dermatologist will recommend the number of weeks or months after a thorough consultation. For best Hydrafacial treatment, always consider an expert in this field. Make sure you always select the best clinic for Hydrafacial in your location.