Lip Tinting/Lip blushing/ Lip tattoo is a tattooing procedure that differs from a traditional tattoo. It is more of an aesthetic cosmetic practice, designed to alter the contour and color of lips. The process gives an illusion of a fuller, succulent, more pronounced look to lips. It is a therapeutic method to provide correct tone, volume, and symmetry to lips. This aesthetic endeavor is relatively safe, as organic pigments and modern tools are used by makeup artists.

How it is done at AACSH

A numbing agent is applied to the lips before Lip tinting to make it painless. The technician discusses the desired shape and tone, which befits your face and lip shape. Through tiny needles, organic pigments are injected into lips. The artist at AACSH repeats the process to furnish a smooth tone to the lips. A technician crafts small, unnoticeable, subtle dye dots to enhance the lips’ color, luster, and volume.

Results/ Expectations 

Lip tinting/ Lip Blushing/ Lip tattoo gives a more even tone, symmetry, color to your lips. The organic pigments flaunt perfect color, suppleness, and fuller looks to lips. The procedure does not drastically change color, the contour of lips but augment the tone and shape. The result is subtle but dramatic.

Duration (how long the results will show up)

The effects of Lip tinting/ Lip Blushing/ Lip tattoo is a semi-permanent; it would not last for a lifetime. To uphold the effect, the process needs to be repeated after a couple of years. UV exposure, smoking, frequent use of lip exfoliation takes away the luster of the pigments.

Risk Factors

The common side effects witnessed in this cosmetic process are similar to tattooing. Swelling, soreness, pain, and infection are common side effects involved in this procedure. As the lip skin is very porous uneven coloring, scars, and rash are other potential side effects.


Lip tinting/ Lip Blushing/ Lip tattoo cost in Dubai is not low; as multiple layers are required for optimal effect, the cost could escalate.