Omnika Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation lipolisys is one of the techniques used for dissolving fat cells. The melting of fat involves a process of emptying and relaxing action of the tissue.

Omnika Cavitation is a therapy that uses the efficient combination of Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency to achieve optimal results. Omnika Cavitation is the first device on the profesional medical aesthetics market to introduce the possibility of using those two simultaneous methods – cavitaiton and radio frequncy.

Compared with other platforms that allow the use of one technology at once, Omnika Cavitation offers a single hand piece that combines two technologies for the most demanding and effective treatment. Through this synergetic action Omnika Cavitation allows to work simultaneously on fat mass reduction (cavitation) and tissues toning (radio frequency), to achieve long lasting results.

The advantage, especially for the patient is the achievment of results similat to two cycles of sessions – one for cavitation and the other one – for radio frequency with a net reduction of treamtent time.

Omnika cavitation is offered at the Al Shehana Medical SPA Of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital by professionally trained SPA therapists.