Permanent Eyebrows Microblading


Permanent Eyebrows Microblading is remodeling the eyebrows in such a fashion that suits the face makes it more attractive. Every face is unique, so each process is tailor-made according to the shape, face contour. The process is aimed to give eyebrows a lush, denser look. The beauty therapist at AACSH discusses the befitting brow shape and color, which blends with face, natural hair color, skin texture, and tone.

How it is done?

Permanent Eyebrows Microblading are a semi lasting tattooing technique faking fuller, natural eyebrows. The brow area is plucked and clean; local anesthesia is applied for a painless experience. The beauty therapist at AACSH uses a small handheld device instead of a tattooing machine to sketch a hairline outline. The device is consisting of twelve to fifteen fine needles sketch delicate, natural-looking hair strokes through medical-grade, non-toxic pigments. The needles do not penetrate deep, unlike traditional tattoos.

Results/ Expectations

Just after the Permanent Eyebrows Microblading, the experience can be overwhelming. One may need some time to get acquainted with the new eyebrow shape. They look natural, elegant; you can go to the grocery store or office without the eyebrow makeup. The right form of the eyebrows brighten up the face, makes it more alluring.

Duration (how long the results will show up)

To keep the eyebrows in perfect shape, you need a touch up in twelve to eighteen months. Fewer hairs are there in eyebrows; less care is required. With proper care and regular touch-ups effects of this procedure lasts from one year to three years.

Risk Factors

Infection is the most common side effects of Permanent Eyebrows Microblading cosmetic procedure. Allergic reactions, the transmission of diseases like hepatitis, HIV, other bacterial infections are not ruled out in unsterilized needles are used.


Cost of Permanent Eyebrows Microblading hugely varies from geographical locations, expertise, fees of the artist.