When a makeup artist crafts Permanent eyeliner/ Eyeliner Tattoosyou need not spend hours in front of the mirror to draw eyeliner. Along the lash line, pigments are used for tattooing to create the look of eyeliner. Though permanent is used in the above phase, it is semi-permanent, unlike traditional tattooing. From subtle natural-looking thin eyeliner to more pronounced thick ones, you can choose according to your style and taste.

How is it done at AACSH?

Before the Permanent Eyeliner/ Eyeliner Tattoos, the makeup artist applied an anesthetizing agent to make it less painless as possible. Through tattoo, needle dye is applied to eyelids by the technician. The needle pierces the skin, and droplets of dye are applied. The body absorbs the vegetable dye subsequently to give more prominent eyelashes.

Results/ Expectations 

You can opt for a tight line, which is more restrained, as pigmentation is made between the layers of the makeup artist’s eyelashes. The pigmentation looks more like liquid eyeliner applied to the lash line. If you opt for a traditional liner appearance, the process completes within an hour; the wing or cat eye process takes a longer time.

Duration (how long the results will show up)

Generally, the outcome of the Permanent Eyeliner/ Eyeliner Tattoos lasts for twelve months to three years. With time the pigments lighten; a touch after a year is necessary to maintain the effect. Skin structure and tone varies from person to person, so the lightening of pigments also varies.

Risk Factors

Micropigmentation is almost similar to tattoos; the body may react adversely to the pigments causing an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions or rash can erupt even after years of Permanent Eyeliner/ Eyeliner TattoosIron oxide pigments are safest; herbal or vegetable dyes can cause unprecedented allergic reactions.


Price of Permanent Eyeliner/ Eyeliner Tattoos, not that high. If you want to keep the eyeliner tattoo intact, a touchup is necessary every two years.