Through minuscule perforation using dye, a permanent design or symbol is made on the body by a tattoo artist. A permanent Tattoo for body is made on the epidermis layer of the skin. A tattoo is like a self-proclaimed statement to the world. A red rose or religious motifs has some underlying meaning. Tattoos are not mere art displays, but a message of individual identity or a social one. Sometimes tattoos are made to conceal scars from injury or surgery.

How it is done at AACSH?

The tattoo artist at AACSH makes numerous pricks on the upper skin layer draws a permanent design or symbol with pigments to emboss a Permanent Tattoo for body. The artist’s handheld device consists of one or more needles, which pierce the skin repetitively, inserting dye droplets. More prominent, descriptive tattoos with vivid colors and motifs might take two or more sessions to complete.

Results/ Expectations

A permanent Tattoo for body is a visual expression of a personal narrative. The tattoos may remind you of your inherited cultural, spiritual roots. The tattoos are like a painting on the body canvas; it is a visual expression of your dreams, aspirations, and idealism. Tattoos express your social, individual identity uniquely.

Duration (how long the results will show up)

As the skin sheds dead layers and cells, tattoos fade with time. So from time to time, you need a touch-up to keep the Permanent Tattoo for body in perfect shape. Tattoos on exposed parts fade away faster as pigments break down under sunlight.

Risk Factors

Tattoo pigments, particularly red, blue, yellow, and blue, can induce allergy reactions, rash on the tattoo area. These reactions can happen years later of tattooing. Skin infection and other blood-borne diseases can occur if the needle of the tattooing machine is contaminated.


The cost of a Permanent Tattoo for body depends on the size, intricacy, and skill of the tattoo artist. More prominent, more vivid tattoos cost more.