Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Al Shehana Medical Spa offers the most advanced treatments designed to suit your body needs. Al Shehana Medical Spa is the only Spa in the MENA region which has a fully dedicated pre and post-operative rehabilitation center.

The professionals working at Al Shehana Medical Spa are focused on helping you take care of our individual skin care, beauty, body rehabilitation and wellness needs. Our licensed professionals and trained technicians will help you reach your beauty and skin-care goals, and recommend products and treatments to assure you getting the most out of your visits to us.

We offer the following post-surgical rehabilitation programs:

  • Post liposuction surgery
  • Post Rhinoplasty surgery
  • Post Tummy Tuck surgery
  • Post Abdominoplasty surgery
  • Post Blepharoplasty surgery
  • Post body Lift surgery
  • Post Breast Augmentation surgery
  • Post Thermage treatment
  • Eye brow enhancement and Tatoos

Please call us +97144237600 to enquire about the above post-surgical rehabilitation programs in detail.