Suzi Scalp Head Massage

Al Shehana Suzi experience is unique as it offers intimate, comfortable environment of light music, soft lights and calming scent. Suzi is an amazing, automated hydrotherapy system designed specifically to provide a deep sensational head and scalp water massaging thermal experience.

Suzi utilizes high pressure water spray and jet steam, light therapy, thermal contrasting, scalp and hair therapeutic solutions treatment. At Al Shehana Medical Spa we have the answer to your skincare concerns. After facial treatment there will be customized masks to suit your particular skin requirements or needs. By using products that are packed with multiple active ingredients which are at the forefront in the skincare industry, we know that you will see and feel the difference after each treatment.

  • Chocolate Mask
  • Butter Mask
  • CO2 Mask
  • Royal Mask
  • Grape Mask