Gynecological robotic surgery

The technology of robotic surgery has diffused throughout the world very rapidly. It is being used for treating various conditions including various sorts of cancers. Robotic surgery in Dubai now a day is often used in gynecologic conditions. And the practice is being adopted by more and more professionals. FDA approved the Da Vinci Surgical System in 2005 for gynecological surgery.

Earlier conventional surgery was the only option for gynecology patients but the introduction of the da Vinci surgical system has opened the door of minimally invasive surgery for the masses. Gynecological surgery was used to be difficult to perform earlier, no matter if we use a vaginal approach or laparoscopy. But the introduction of gynecology robotic surgery in UAE has led to fewer complications and difficulties. The usage of gynecology robotic surgeries in Dubai is accruing day by day.

Gynecological disorders are conditions which effect female reproductive system or organs like breasts and abdominal organs and pelvic area including the uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, and vulva. Minimally invasive robotic surgery in Dubai has proved to be an amenity for gynecologic patients.

There are various advantages of having a minimally invasive surgery like not having to rest at hospital for long, faster recovery, less blood loss, better cosmesis and fewer complications.

Many gynecological surgeries are integrated with robotic technology like:

Hysterectomy: Robotic surgery in UAE is often used in this gynecological surgery type. Hysterectomy us the operation if removing the uterus in females. There may be several reasons for women to go through a hysterectomy. Some of they are listed below.

  • Endometriosis
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Adenomyosis
  • If Uterine fibroids cause blooding, pain or other problems

Sacrocolpopexy: Sacrocolpopexy is yet another type of gynecological operation where robotic surgery is used. It is a condition when ligaments and muscles of the pelvic organs get weaken and result in the slip of normal position of these organs. Organs like Cervix, bladder, uterus, Rectum, urethra are normally affected with this condition. This condition is known as Pelvic prolapse. To treat this Sacrocolpopexy using the robotic system is done.

Myomectomy: Hysterectomy is concerned with removing the uterus but myomectomy instead of removing the entire uterus only uterine fibroids are removed.

Radical hysterectomy: This is often used for treating the cancer of the endometrium or cervix. In the surgery, the surgeon has to remove the uterus, tissue around it, cervix, and the vagina’s top part from the female body.

Surgery for complicated endometriosis: when the tissue that forms the uterus lining grow outside the cavity of the uterine, the disorder is commonly called Endometriosis. Robitic surgery is often used for complex Endometriosis.

Tubal anastomosis: Once a women has given through tubal ligation, tubal anastomosis is used to restore reproductive capability or fertility if the women. Tubal litigation is cutting or blocking of fallopian tubes in order to avoid pregnancy.

A da vinci robotic system generally consist of a 3D high-definition vision system, surgeon console as well as a robotic platform with around four robotic arms that hold the Endowrist Instruments as well as the camera.

Gynecological robotic surgery in Dubai is the most convenient form of surgery for gynecological disorders. Also there are so many leading robotic surgery hospitals in Dubai available for your service.