Robotic head and neck surgery

Robotic surgery in Dubai is expanding its reach; it is used for almost every sort of surgeries; be it gynecological, urological, cardiac surgery, GYN surgery, gastrointestinal surgery or surgeries for head and neck cancers. The practice of robotic surgery began to be used in head and neck disorder by 2004. FDA has already approved the use of this system in head and neck tumor treatments.

The use of the da Vinci system and minimally invasive surgery systems using robotic has led to better and effective treatments of patients.

Many surgeons and medical professionals earlier used to believe that the robotic system and minimally invasive systems are not meant for head and neck surgery. The fact is minimally invasive procedures are being used in head and neck surgery today. Robotic surgery in UAE for sure has the potential to be used in head and neck cancer surgeries. The fact has started being demonstrated by many surgeons using the practice and effectively carrying out the robotic surgeries in Dubai.

Treatment of head and neck cancers were complex conventionally. A combination of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy is the usual treatment for these cancers. In head and neck surgery large incisions are required to be created in order to carry out the surgery. Large incisions up the neck, lip and other areas are made to reach the throat and remove the tumor present. The incisions are filled or repaired by using tissues from other body parts usually thighs. This conventional process takes almost 14 hours to be completed. This surgery or even chemotherapy and radiation damaged the body of the patient and they are left with no choice other than living with sine dysfunction in the body.

The scenario has been considering changing with the introduction of robotic surgery in Dubai in the head and neck. TORS has been identified as the solution to conventional surgery and treatments.

Da Vinci for the very first time was used in head as well as neck surgery in 2005 with the leading transoral robotic surgery (TORS) resections of the base of tongue neoplasms being carried out in 2005. Da Vinci robot is yet another successful robotic surgery for scarless-in-the-neck parathyroidectomy as well as thyroidectomy.

In the minimally invasive TORS, the place where the tumor is present is reached through the mouth. All the procedures for the surgery will be done remotely at a console. A HD three dimensional video screen will be used to view the operating field. With the help of miniaturized surgical equipment’s like forceps, the surgeon can access the limited space of the back of the throat and the mouth.

With TORS, most of the limitations of the traditional surgery can be overcome.

The robotic surgery in the head and neck is definitely a gift by medical science and technology to cancer patients. Now head and neck tumors can be treated more precisely and even after the surgery, the patients can live their life to the full.