Penile Cosmetic Procedures

  • Penile lenghtening
  • Penile widening (girth-nonsurgical using fillers or stem cell therapy)
  • Peyronie’s Disease correction: There is a penile curvature or ring-like fibrosis that surrounds the penis. This is treated with sound waves or surgically according to the disease extent. This delicate surgery is performed with different techniques meeting the requirements of our patients.
  • Penile enlargement (length and girth-surgical option)
  • Curvature Surgery
    • Penile curvature correction: Either congenital or acquired curvature can be surgically corrected
  • Scrotal plastic surgery

Penis length and width can be altered surgically and non-surgically depending on the expectations and the medical needs of the patient. In most cases, the need for intervention is much less than anticipated.

For a proper evaluation a physical examination, self-photo of the penis in the erect state from different angles, a sexual functioning evaluation is necessary. There should be crystal clear agreement between the patient and the expert to decrease post-operative misconceptions.

For a detailed evaluation please make an appointment.