Prostate Treatment

Urology Department at AACSH provides Prostate Treatment in Dubai. The prostate is an organ that carries a lot of misconceptions around it. People usually perceive “prostate” as a disease. It is just an organ like our heart, lung, or kidneys. Its’ main job is to provide most of the liquid portion of the semen. As with the other organs, different pathologies can affect the prostate. Mainly these are:

  1. Benign enlargement of the prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia -BPH)
  2. Infection of the prostate (Prostatitis)
  3. Prostate cancer

Like women do during menopause, men also experience hormonal changes. The result of these changes is not as dramatic as women but the main influence of the hormonal change happens in the prostate. Prostate starts to increase in size and the hormone-sensitive tissues start to increase. Enlargement of the prostate itself does not cause any problem itself. The urine flows from the bladder to the outer meatus of the penis through a tube called the “urethra”. This tube passes right through the prostate. Depending on the growth pattern of the prostate, it may squeeze the urethra and cause problems in urination. If it does not squeeze the urethra and block the bladder outlet, even in large prostate volumes patients may not feel any discomfort.


The main concern of us, the urology experts, is to diagnose prostate cancer in the early stages. When diagnosed in early stages, prostate cancer can be cured. Prostate cancer does not give specific symptoms. It can only be diagnosed with examination and blood test controls. A routine check-up for the prostate is therefore mandated in men. There is a familial trait for prostate cancer, and those with a family history of prostate cancer should be monitored at earlier ages and more frequently than the normal population.

Recommended tests for prostate health:

  • Annual examination
  • PSA (prostate-specific antigen blood test)
  • Urine analysis
  • Ultrasound (if having problems with urination)
  • Uroflowmetry (a computerized system to measure flow rate- if having problems with urination)

Don’t forget modern medicine means diagnosing any abnormality before it causes any symptom or harm to you and prevents it from happening. Every man should have their prostate checked yearly after the age of 50. If you have a family history of prostate cancer or you are experiencing symptoms in urination don’t take time just make an appointment.


Almost all guidelines propose prostate check-up and cancer screening for men after the age of 50 annually. Our program for prostate treatment in Dubai integrates not only a check-up but also involves a chance for us to give you a comprehensive lifestyle package for your prostate health.


  • Patient self-assessment tests (IPSS, voiding diaries)
  • Expert consultation
  • Uroflowmetry: a computerized system to measure your urinary flow rate and pattern
  • Prostate ultrasound (transabdominal and transrectal)
  • Ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy
  • Cystoscopy


  • ROBOTIC PROSTATECTOMY: a novel surgical technique that provides patients a less invasive approach, much faster recovery time and better surgical outcomes.
  • TUR (Transurethral resection): Endoscopic prostate surgery with no holes performed by a camera attached system.
  • LASER SURGERY FOR PROSTATE: It is a minimally invasive surgery with diminished blood loss, very little anesthesia, and very early recovery. It can be applied even in patients who have to take blood-thinner medications.
  • PROSTATE BOTOX INJECTION THERAPY: Prostate related bladder obstruction symptoms may easily be decreased in patients who do not want surgery or those who can not take general anesthesia.