Botox Treatment in Dubai – The brand name of botulinum toxin is called Botox which originates from Clostridium botulinum which is a bacterium. It is found in plants, soil, water, and animal intestines. Botox Anti Wrinkle Injection enters through tiny needles into the skin to inhibit muscle movement and prevent wrinkles from developing or worsening. Botox comes from ‘Botolous’ which means sausage.

If the proper muscles are selected and weakened, then the Aesthetic Physician can eliminate wrinkles without affecting the normal function. The substance is injected through a fine needle into the muscle. The results of the injection begin after a few days. After a period of four to six months, the injection must be repeated.

Who is a candidate?

  • If you are someone who has eyelid twitches, excess sweating, and chronic migraines, then Botox is for you.
  • Also if you are fed up with the aging signs, then Botox treatment will help you get rid of them. The best botox injections prevent deep wrinkles in the future.
  • And, the women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not opt for the Botox treatment, as it may be injurious.

What is the cost of Botox treatment?

The cost of Botox treatment in Dubai differs from one person to another. The cost depends on various factors like the nature of the skin problem, the clinic location, and the doctor’s expertise.

What is the procedure for Treatment?

  • Botox treatment is a process of 5 to 10 minutes and does not need any anesthesia. When there are wrinkles on the face, Botox is injected into it. Later, the chemical blocks the nerve impulses from stimulating and the muscle relaxes. When the muscles stop contracting, the skin overlapping the muscle relaxes and the wrinkles in the skin soften.
  • Once the Botox treatment is done, the muscles and the wrinkles relax in a normal way. Hence normal facial expressions remain unchanged. Until 24 hours of treatment, do not rub or massage the treated areas. Also, the patients should not lie down for 4 consecutive hours of the treatment.
  • After one to three days of the treatment, the best Botox injections begins to show their results. The effect of the treatment lasts for a period of three months or longer depending on the nature of the problem. If you like to continue further, then you can repeat the procedure.


Botox injection for wrinkles provides a wide range of benefits that suits your skin types. To list a few benefits:

  • The treatment is applicable to everyone and offers instant results.
  • Botox treatment is safe with no major side effects.
  • Botox is a non-surgical option.
  • As the time required for the treatment is very less, it can be done in your lunch break as well.
  • The treatment helps you look younger and prettier.
  • Your aging signs vanish.
  • With a pretty skin, your confidence is boosted.
  • Lines and creases disappear.
  • Boosts your self-image and self-esteem automatically.

Risk factors

  • Under the guidance of highly qualified experts and the proper usage of Botox Anti Wrinkle Injection, the treatment is safe. If they’re performed safely, then there will be a negligible amount of side-effects. To list the side effects of Botox anti-wrinkle injections will be:
  • Pain, swelling or bruising
  • At times it causes Headache & Stomach Ache
  • Eyelid drooping

What is the recovery time?

  • To see the complete results of Botox treatment, it takes two to three weeks. Until this time, all the bruises will vanish turning into beautiful skins with reduced wrinkles around the forehead and other areas.
  • After a period, the effects of Botox injections begin to fade away. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to take their place again. So it will be the best time to repeat the treatment. Botox treatments are convenient and easy to keep up with as you are confident that you’re working towards looking better.

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