Dermal Fillers

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are small cosmetic injections containing skin-friendly gel and are usually made of hyaluronic acid. These fillers are used for cosmetic purposes and help in filling folds and wrinkles and adding volume to the soft tissues. Dermal fillers are used to fill different parts of the face including cheeks, areas around eyes, jawline, and mouth, etc. Also, these fillers are treated directly on the lip tissues.

How does it work?

Aging is one of the most common factors causing loss of soft facial tissues. And people tend to try a lot of different treatments to get back the previous facial shape and glow. Here is more on how dermal filler works.

  • If administered properly, fillers help to restore lost facial volume and plumped areas.
  • Dermal fillers fill up the folds and wrinkles and are gradually digested by the body.

How long does it remain effective:

  • It usually depends on how your body reacts to different types of fillers.
  • If high-quality fillers are used, they remain effective for six months to eighteen months.

What does it do?

As we have already discussed, fillers are used to fill the facial wrinkles and damaged facial tissues. But they can do more:

  • Lip fillers plump thin, unattractive lips.
  • Improving shallow contours.
  • Softening facial linings.
  • Improving the appearance of recessed scars.
  • Reconstructing facial contour deformities.
  • Decreasing or removing the shadow around the lower eyelids.

The most important thing to remember about dermal fillers is its longevity.  It is a temporary treatment for aging, especially facial aging. If you are struggling with some other major issues, you have better options like facelift, eyelift, brow lift, etc.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

Dermal injectable facial fillers can cause some discomfort while injecting. But experts reduce this effect by:

  • Applying a suitable anesthetic cream before injecting the filler.
  • Using fillers containing pre-mixed anesthetic to alleviate the pain.

What are the different types?

As mentioned already, the hyaluronic acid facial fillers are the most common type among all fillers. 

  • These were the first of the new fillers to be FDA approved. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that occurs in the skin. It is a clear gel with a thick consistency. Since skin testing is not required, injections may be done on the same day as the initial consultation. Manufacturers have manipulated particle size (thickness) and cross-linked molecules to offer both normal and longer duration products.
  • Restylane and Juviderm are examples of normal duration products that are injected in more superficial lines and have easier flow characteristics.
  • Restylane is cosmetic dermal filler made of non-animal based hyaluronic acid. It was FDA-approved in 2003 for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, the lines between the nose and mouth.
  • Perlane and Juviderm Ultra Plus are examples of longer duration products are usually injected into deeper lines and folds.
  • The newest advance has been the addition of local anesthetic, Lidocaine, to the filler to reduce discomfort upon injection.

What is the difference between dermal fillers and Botox?

  • Dermal fillers make the wrinkles smooth by plumping from below the wrinkles.
  • On the other hand, Botox stops the movement of small facial muscles known for causing wrinkles.

How much it costs?

It depends on a few factors including:

  • The variety of facial fillers you are opting for.
  • The method opted for its administration.

Where should you go to get it?

Administering dermal fillers is not an easy task, and you should not think about visiting a nearby beauty spa or salon to have injectable treatment. You must look for a dermal filler clinic with a good reputation and long experience of various injectable facial treatments.

Another factor to consider is “who is injecting the filler in your face”?

Your face is structured by numerous sensitive layers, nerves, vessels, and very importantly, your eyes. So, improper injectable treatment can be extremely harmful to your face. So, it is very important to consult a qualified Doctor/ Dermatologist legally allowed performing surgeries.

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