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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Al Khayal clinic (meaning winning knight in Arabic) is the cosmetic surgery department of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

Al Khayal promises a unique experience from the time you consult with one of our professional surgeons to the time you leave. The surgical unit is uniquely designed to provide comfort, confidence and convenience to our clients. Our team of surgeons provides a wide range of aesthetic techniques from invasive to non-invasive procedures. Our 5 operating theatres are fully equipped with modern technology and equipment providing the ideal environment for our highly qualified talented surgeons to perform any of the procedures listed below smoothly and efficiently.

Admission Suites

For our in-patients we provide the utmost comfort, safety and privacy in a 25 bed admission unit comprising Spacious Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suite as well as a Presidential and Royal Suite where clients can enjoy exclusive privacy in terms of private entrance, reception, dining area and two spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and all associated amenities.

Our Royal Suite has a private elevator from the underground parking to assure the absolute confidentiality and smooth access to our clients and their visitors. The catering cuisine of your choice, SPA access as well as an in-room private massage conducted by one of our professional highly qualified staff is an additional service to the luxury offered by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital