Body Contouring Post Bariatric Surgery

Body Contouring – Obesity is a global problem now, which, in extreme cases, responds only to special surgeries called Bariatric surgery. Successful loss of excess weight has a positive impact on health, mobility, joint pain and quality of life. However, the majority of massive weight loss (MWL) patients whether the result of bariatric surgery or diet-exercise, have huge amounts of loose skin and sagging of tissues in different parts of their body.

This distressing side effect of MWL can be solved by special set of surgeries called “post-bariatric body contouring”. These operations require special skills and experienced team to achieve success with safety. The surgeries are long and time-consuming. The excess skin and tissues are removed and the remaining tissues are lifted, tightened and also enhanced in some areas like the breasts and buttocks. Depending on the combination of problem areas, one or more surgeries may be required. There will be some scars, which are hidden in concealed areas as far as possible.

Different procedures are listed below. Some of them may be combined together but usually multiple stages are needed, the interval can vary from a few weeks to months.

  1. Circumferential lower body lift: this corrects the abdomen, sides and lower back while also lifting the buttocks and upper thighs.
  2. Upper body lift: corrects the sagging tissues in mid and upper back, sides and chest area. The front portion of the surgery is different in men and women for obvious reasons (see below)
  3. Arm lift and thigh lifts: These help to remove excess saggy tissues in respective areas and tighten/contour the remaining tissues.
  4. Breast lift: depending on the anatomy, the woman may need breast lift, reduction with lift, enlargement alone or with lift or fat grafting
  5. Male Chest: A typical case may have a large saggy breast like structure on the chest. This requires careful planning and re-shaping to give a flat aesthetic chest with least scars.
  6. Other tissue tightening procedures: We have a full complement of ancillary techniques to help such persons; for example liposuction, J-Plasma technique, Thermage, E-matrix, Exilis body reshaper and others.