Breast Augmentation in Dubai

JCI Accredited Hospital for Breast Augmentation in Dubai. Breast augmentation (BA) by silicone implants has retained its position at the top of most requested cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is associated with a high satisfaction rate and is one of the most studied procedures in cosmetic surgery. Some controversies in the use of silicone gel implants came up in the later 90’s in the USA but these doubts have been laid to rest after careful studies were carried out over a decade.

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure where a silicone implant either filled with silicone gel or saline water is inserted into a pocket made under the breast gland or under the chest muscle and retained there by proper closure of the access incision. It give instant enlargement and boost to the breast size and contour.

Who is a candidate for Breast Augmentation?

  • Women who want larger breasts.
  • Women who want to improve their breast shape or mild sagging.
  • Women who want to correct asymmetry
  • Healthy women without connective tissue diseases.
  • Healthy women without breast malignancy.

The consultation: A thorough consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the best way to fully understand the procedure and to participate in the choice of implant size and shape. Going for a breast augmentation is an intensely personal decision and involves emotions. Hence it should not be rushed. Most women going for this procedure have been thinking about it for a long time. Sufficient time must be given to absorb the details after a consultation; we always recommend two consults at AACSH, leading hospital for Breast Augmentation in Dubai.

While seemingly simple, this procedure has a lot of nuances in terms of the choice of implant size and shape, choice of pockets for placement and in matching the breast tissues and shape to the right implant. It is not to be considered as a procedure wherein one simply stuffs a silicone implant inside. The correct size for the particular person is important. Inserting very large implants although requested and performed by many surgeons, is not in the best interests of the patient, complications increase.

During the first consultation, the surgeon will take a medical history especially regarding family history of breast cancer. A detailed medical and cosmetic examination of the breasts follows. The surgical details are discussed and the pros and cons of different incisions and planes of implantation are discussed. Your leisure activities and bikini/dress styles are taken into consideration. An approximate range of suitable implant sizes is determined and costs may be discussed.

The second consultation is dedicated to choosing the size. It is best to take with you an un-padded bra and tight fitting T shirt. Different dummy implants are placed inside the bra as trials and you are encouraged to check it out in a full-length mirror.

Choices! Choices! The consultation can sometimes be overwhelming, as there seems to be too many choices to make. The surgeon has to consider many variables before choosing what is right for you. These include the shape, symmetry or asymmetry, degree of sagging, amount of natural tissue already present, relation of the breast to the chest muscles, skin quality, nipple size, chest dimensions etc. In addition, the desires of the candidate are also taken into account: some women seek upper pole fullness while other do not. Some want it to be obvious, others want subtle enhancement and so on.

At the end of second consultation, the prospective client must have clarity in her mind and be sure of her choice of implant size. If not, it is better to wait till all doubts are settled. Best results are achieved when expectations and outcome match well.

Breast Augmentation Surgery:

In this procedure, a short incision is made, usually under the breast and a pocket is created under the gland tissues or under the muscle of the chest [pectorals]. After controlling bleeding, the chosen implant is inserted. The wound is then closed in multiple layers.


Breast implant surgery may also be performed from an incision in the arm-pit or in the areola (brown circle around the nipple) for an inconspicuous scar. These are not however considered the best; the majority of surgeons still prefer the cut below the breast fold.


The patient can be discharged on the same day, it is not a painful procedure. Discomfort is controlled with oral medications and long-acting local anesthesia given during surgery. If the implant is placed behind the muscle, one can expect more pain and stiffness, muscle relaxant tablets can help. Usually there are no drains. One has to wear a surgical support bra for 3 weeks. Vigorous activity should be avoided. Driving and desk-job may be resumed in 2-3 days if there is no pain. Exercises are permitted after 3 weeks. Some surgeons recommend specific massages, most do not. Scar care will be advised by your surgeon.