Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai – Women may seek reduction for personal reasons or for relief from physical discomfort of large breasts. Very large breasts also attract unwelcome attention and may affect the persons snese of personal attractiveness and their confidence. Exercises and weight loss cannot correct this problem.

Breast reduction Surgery is a surgical procedure designed to make the breasts smaller and simultaneously create aesthetic shape and beauty. It is very effective in improving body image and may also improve breast asymmetries. It may also help in relieving physical discomforts such as neck, shoulder and back pain or skin rashes.

Who is a candidate Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • Women who want smaller breasts.
  • Patients with extensive breast asymmetry.
  • Healthy patients without breast cancer.
  • Those who possess realistic expectations.
  • Females who will tolerate breast scars.
  • One who complains of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain from excessive breast size.
  • Patients with large breasts who experience chronic skin irritation along their bra straps and under the breast folds.

Who is not suitable for Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • Heavy smokers who cannot quit
  • Poor tolerance for scars on breasts
  • Severe connective tissue diseases
  • Persons on blood thinners which cannot be stopped
  • Psychological instability

In this surgery, the excess skin, along with breast tissue and fat are removed to create smaller, shapelier breasts. The NAC is also lifted to a more ‘normal’ position. Liposuction is also performed sometimes to reduce the fatty component in the breasts or in under-arm area. The final scars go around the new NAC, vertically on the lower half of breast and sometimes also in the breast fold. The areolae (darker skin which surrounds the nipple) may also be reduced in size and made more symmetric. Some surgeons use drains.

In very large breasts, the surgeon may choose to temporarily remove the NAC, reduce and reshape the breasts and finally replant the NAC as a graft. This technique called free nipple grafting, make the procedure simple and safe. This is especially useful in the older population with associated medical conditions.

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

Postoperative discomfort is controlled with oral medications. Surgical drains may be present after the surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine when these are to be removed.

A special postoperative support bra may be worn after surgery for several weeks. Postoperative care the first night may be at home with a responsible adult, an overnight care facility, or overnight at the hospital.

Light activity may usually resume in less than 10 days. Sports activities may be resumed in six weeks or longer (depending on your surgeon’s advice).

Side effects of Breast Reduction Surgery

Disturbance of nipple sensations, the scars may become thick or stretched, there can be minor asymmetries.


Potential complications include infection, delay in healing, opening up of a part of the incision, collections of serum or blood, asymmetry, distortion of NAC. Major complications are rare, minor ones are easily managed. A small percentage of patients will need minor revisions.