Buttock Enhancement & Reshaping

Gluteoplasty (Butt Lift)

Buttock Enhancement – Enlarging, lifting and firming up of the buttocks are frequently requested procedures. Buttocks may lack in volume or may be misshapen due to genetic reasons originally or this may happen after weight loss, pregnancies, ageing or disproportionate obesity of surrounding areas. Even if the area is normal, women may request enhancement for personal reasons.

Correction of such problems or enhancing an otherwise normal part involves a combination of several procedures such as fat grafting, liposculpting the surrounding areas, surgical lifting or insertion of buttock implants.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) / Buttock Fat grafting

This name has become popular by usage in popular media; although strictly speaking, it is not a ‘lift’ procedure. It aims to create a strong ‘lifted’ buttock mound by sculpting the surrounding areas while transferring the fat to the buttock area. This creates a stronger mound contrasted to a sculpted area all around.

Liposuction is used to harvest fat from the lower back, hips and abdomen, which is collected in sterile containers to be grafted to the buttocks by syringe. The shape can be influenced by the way fat is grafted. About 50% of grafted fat survives the rest may be lost due to not getting enough blood supply. Whatever survives at 4 months usually lasts for a long time.

There are safety limits on the volumes of fat that can be safely grafted. Grafting more in one session is not only useless but can be positively dangerous. Fat grafting can easily be repeated later for better success.

Buttock Lifting

This involves a long surgical incision in lower back, at the junction of back with the rise of buttock mound. The sagged part of buttock is lifted, excess skin removed and the rest of the tissue volume is buried. Fat graft may be done in addition. Buttock lift often forms a part of circumferential lower body lift. This produces a real lift.

Buttock implants

Silicone implants may also be used to enhance the central and outer part of the buttock. The surgery is performed through an inconspicuous incision in between the butt cheeks. The implants are placed usually in a pocket made in between two layers of the gluteus muscle. This may be combined with fat grafting to fill out the areas not addressed by implant. Buttock implants however have higher complication rate than breast implants. The decision to use buttock implants has to be taken carefully after full information about potential for complications.

Buttock firming & Cellulite treatment

By using a combination of fat grafting, tissue tightening by j plasma device and undercutting of dimples, it is possible to make the buttocks appear smoother, tighter and lifted. Cellulite appearance can be improved, more than one session may be needed.